Fans continue to cry over this ‘Peaky Blinders’ scene to this day

Fans continue to cry over this ‘Peaky Blinders’ scene to this day
Fans continue to cry over this ‘Peaky Blinders’ scene to this day

‘Peaky Blinders’ still manages to break fans’ hearts.

The story of the Shelby gang, who rose from thieves to the city’s most powerful crime family, holds a special place in fans’ hearts. The series is full of heartbreaking scenes, but one moment in particular always brings tears to the eyes when fans rewatch the series.

In Peaky Blinders Viewers were surprised by unexpected twists and tragic events during almost every episode. You simply never knew what was going to happen. These plot twists were often accompanied by tragedies, including in episode 6 of season 3.


In this episode, Thomas hands out money to all his loved ones at a family gathering for the help and sacrifices they have made for him. However, at the end of the meeting, Tommy announces that he has made a deal, which means that the police will come for the entire family, lock them all in prison and announce the verdict: the death penalty.

He assures them that this is necessary and that he will eventually get them all released, but this action is still seen as treason. The scene of the arrest, with the number Life in a Glasshouse by Radiohead, is so unexpected and shocking that the audience needs time to catch their breath every time.


Although the series came to an end in 2022, fans can still expect more exciting scenes like this in the future. Because there is one Peaky Blindersfilm in the making, starring Cillian Murphy. Its release date is not yet known. Look at Peaky Blinders on Netflix.

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