LIVE | De Graafschap ahead against Telstar, Bosilj goalscorer | The County

LIVE | De Graafschap ahead against Telstar, Bosilj goalscorer | The County
LIVE | De Graafschap ahead against Telstar, Bosilj goalscorer | The County


Yellow card for Danny Bakker


Sebbe Augustijns is replaced by Mohammed Tahiri


Jayden Turfkruier is replaced by Cain Seedorf


Match paused for a while

The match was stopped briefly. It wasn’t entirely clear what was going on. We just continue playing.


De Graafschap at 0-1!

After a good cross from captain Jeffry Fortes, David Flakus Bosilj put the 0-1 on the scoreboard. A nice header from the attacker.


Heel Gravenberch

Danzell Gravenberch tries with the heel. His effort ends up in the side netting.


Opportunities Telstar

Two chances in quick succession for Telstar. First a shot from Gravenberch. A little later Eddahchouri close by.


Another chance for De Graafschap

Another opportunity for De Graafschap. A cross from David Flakus Bosilj can be cleared by Telstar’s defense.


Chance Önal

The first danger of the second half comes from De Graafschap. The shot of Başar Önal goes wide of the goal.


Second half started

The second half at Telstar – De Graafschap has started.



We’re having tea in Velzen-Zuid. Few big opportunities for De Graafschap yet. After 45 minutes of play it is still 0-0.


Chance at corner Telstar

At a corner from Telstar Old Kotte dangerous. He shoots just wide.


Yellow card for Alex Plat


First big chance through Brittijn

The first big opportunity for De Graafschap! Philip Brittijn lashes out after a good attack, but is unable to score.


Gravenberch attempt

There was former Superboer Danzell Gravenberch again! His attempt is about De Graafschap’s goal.


Not many big opportunities yet

Few big opportunities for De Graafschap yet. Apart from two shots from Bosilj, Jan Vreman’s team has not yet been very dangerous.


Bosilj again

There was David Flakus Bosilj again for De Graafschap! His bet is blocked.


Chance Bosilj

David Flakus Bosilj with the first chance for De Graafschap. His shot is not good enough and goes wide.


Telstar dangerous again

A good start for the home team, because Telstar is dangerous again. Goalkeeper Mees Bakker manages to grab the ball.

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