Are the people of Vlaardingen going to vote?

Are the people of Vlaardingen going to vote?
Are the people of Vlaardingen going to vote?

The elections are in two weeks. The polling stations are gradually being announced and the internet is teeming with voting guides and advice, you can’t really ignore it. But what considerations do Vlaardingen residents make as to whether they will vote and for whom? And what do they consider important?

While one person overloads the Stemwijzers websites, the other will not put any effort into it. “We love education, the government and police officers, etc., but in terms of choosing a party… we don’t do that,” explains a couple.

It is not yet clear to everyone who exactly the people of Vlaardingen will vote for. “I find it quite difficult, especially at this time.” So the choice has been made difficult. “I feel like these elections are more important than ever,” one woman explains. “I think more should be done about social security, there are currently too many people who cannot participate in society.” A few people don’t find anything difficult about it, “I was a member of the municipal council for the PVDA for six years.” “I think it’s clear where my vote is going.”

Important for Vlaardingers

Despite the fact that the environment, poverty reduction and social housing are of great importance to the people of Vlaardingen, many people still lack confidence. “I think a lot of things are important, but does it still help? I don’t think so,” one woman explains. Although she would like to vote. “Well, who should I vote for? I just seriously wouldn’t know anymore.” Another passerby clearly knows who his vote goes to. “But whether they listen is another story.”

On January 1, SCHIE and Omroep Vlaardingen will continue together as a regional broadcaster.

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