Two people arrested in the investigation into the murder of lawyer Sint-Lievens-Houtem are released


The first person, a man, was arrested on Wednesday. A second man, believed to be the brother-in-law of the first person, was arrested on Thursday evening. Both men are released and can go home on Friday. They will not be brought before the investigating judge.

“There are insufficient indications for both suspects,” the East Flanders public prosecutor’s office said in a response. “They are not under suspicion. Given the secrecy of the investigation, we cannot provide substantive information about the file.”

Lawyer Ercan Tok, who defended the first suspect, is satisfied with the decision. “My client was not arraigned but released. He cooperated in the investigation and it was a very drastic experience for him. He hopes that peace will now return,” says the lawyer.

Lawyer Claudia Van Der Stichelen was shot in the back by a man on Saturday, October 28. The facts took place at her home in Sint-Lievens-Houtem. Her 22-year-old son, who tried to intervene, was also injured. He was able to leave the hospital after several operations.

On Thursday, investigators from the judicial police conducted a search near the lawyer’s home and office. That search yielded no results. Investigators were probably looking for the weapon with which Van Der Stichelen was shot, although this was not confirmed by the police and the public prosecutor’s office.

Police and public prosecutors are still looking for a man who at the time of the incident was dressed in a green or blue overalls or dust coat and was carrying a gray or dark-colored backpack. “The man is probably between 60 and 65 years old. He is 1.80 m tall, of normal build, balding with short gray hair and speaks Flemish,” the federal police stated earlier in the investigation report with robot photo.

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