New jerseys for tenth anniversary of BadmintonClub Duffel (Duffel)

New jerseys for tenth anniversary of BadmintonClub Duffel (Duffel)
New jerseys for tenth anniversary of BadmintonClub Duffel (Duffel)

Badminton Club Duffel has been around for ten years. The club was founded in November 2013 at the same time as the opening of the Rooienberg sports hall. “There was immediately a lot of interest from Duffel sports enthusiasts, who until then could only go to surrounding municipalities to play badminton in a club,” says initiator and chairman Sven Wuyts.

Right from the start, the club could count on support from the municipality through materials, promotion and especially playing facilities in the sports hall. “The Badminton Club was indeed there from the very first minute here in the sports hall, which has now existed for ten years,” explains Mayor Sofie Joossen (N-VA). “They have not only grown as a club, but have also helped the sports hall grow. So we naturally think it is very important that they have their home here and that we hope this will remain the case for many years to come.”

To celebrate the club’s tenth anniversary, new T-shirts were made with a festive logo. Mayor Joossen was present to hand over the jerseys and celebrate the birthday.

G-athletes and wheelers

You can play badminton in Rooienberg almost every day of the week. On Friday afternoon the club opens its doors to seniors, G-athletes and wheelers. Krisje De Weerdt is one of the wheelers who has been spending her weekend doing sports since 2018. “I really like that we can meet here with several players in wheelchairs, although there could be a few more,” she says. This year, De Weerdt also became Belgian badminton champion and won silver in doubles.

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De Weerdt played Belgian Champion this year. — © Ilke Tobback

Both absolute beginners and experienced competition players are welcome at BC-Duffel. In addition to the free play moments, series of lessons are also organized for those who want to improve their technique or fitness. “We have several teams in the provincial competition and regularly participate in tournaments in the area.” says responsible Thomas Tielemans.

“For example, a Christmas tournament will take place on December 16 in which participants are placed in groups at different levels. The proceeds will go to a charity of the Warmest Week.” Anyone who wants to participate can register via the website.

Member recruitment

BC-Duffel now consists of approximately one hundred and fifty members, both hobby and competitive players, but remains open to new members. Anyone who wants to try badminton can first try out the sport. “Only after two trial sessions do you have to decide whether you want to become a member and once you have paid your membership fee, you can come and play as often as you want,” it says.

Mayor Joossen is also a member of the club. “I took lessons and played actively here for a while, but over the years it became a bit too busy for me to come. “I have always remained a member for when the opportunity presents itself,” she explains.

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The club now consists of approximately one hundred and fifty members.

The club now consists of approximately one hundred and fifty members. — © Ilke Tobback

In addition to the sports moments in Rooienberg, BC-Duffel also organizes various other events. “For example, last month we went to Watou for a weekend and challenged the local badminton club. This year we took part in the Duffelse Vlottentocht and this season we are planning a carnival tournament, a club championship and a badminton academy,” concludes communications manager Charlotte Peetermans. (it)

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