FinTech LIVE London: Day two Highlights and Insights

FinTech LIVE London: Day two Highlights and Insights
FinTech LIVE London: Day two Highlights and Insights

Confluent: Building real-time fraud detection solutions

Over on stage two, software development firm Confluent detailed how financial services companies can best build context-aware, real-time fraud detection solutions to combat the rising tide of malicious activity across financial ecosystems.

Peter Pugh-Jones, Director of Financial Services at Confluent, says: “The core of what we do is run a data-streaming platform.

“For many years at banks, we’ve seen battery-powered data tools run onscreen. So, the concept of data streaming is that instead of trying to find the right data through large stores, let’s look at it right away as it is generated.”

Applying real-time use to this data is what has allowed Confluent to develop real-time fraud detection solutions.

Pugh-Jones adds: “Our platform is a way for businesses to create tailored fraud prevention from data immediately processed in the data stream – something that can be used and shared to other parts of the business and other companies which could be a part of your ecosystem partnership.”

HSBC: Exploring customer centricity

Later in the day on stage one, HSBC’s Head of Innovation & Partnerships, Saira Khan, delivered her keynote on the importance of striking a balance between technological innovation and the human touch for incumbents in the process of digitizing their offerings.

Khan says: “For any organization, small or large, we’re all trying to drive customer experience to be the best. I often think the importance of the customer can be overlooked when technology comes into play.

“However currently, incumbent banks are looking at what the customer really wants, and tailoring solutions and technology to fit the needs of customers. I think this is perhaps the most important development happening in fintech and across financial services today – a focus on the customer.”

Capital One: Embracing Cloud and SaaS in banking

Closing out stage two was Michael Anyfantakis, Chief Architect and Head of Product UK for Capital One – who discussed the proliferation of cloud technology implementation across financial services over the past few years.

Here, Anyfantakis ran through the years-long debate of cloud adoption at incumbent banks.

He says: “Ever since cloud softwares emerged at the likes of Amazon, Google and Microsoft, the question was whether banks should start to use more of those cloud services that were making tech firms so successful.

“Initially for banks, it was about moving out of mainframe data center into distributed types of technology – which could be interpreted as a private cloud.

“Today this has evolved significantly with the rise of fintechs, into something where banks are shifting priorities to start using public clouds.”

How can I watch FinTech LIVE London?

FinTech LIVE London has now come to a close. But fear not, those that have missed out on content, you can catch virtual recordings of all our keynote speakers and panelists by logging into our event hosting platform Brella.

We’ll also be posting select clips from the show on our FinTech Magazine YouTube channel and FinTech Magazine website.

In addition, interviews with our speakers rounding up the sessions in which they were involved will be made available across our social channels in the days to come.

So, while FinTech LIVE London may be over, there are still bags of content yet to come your way. Stay tuned.

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