Fuel prices continue to fall – AutoWeek.nl

Fuel prices continue to fall – AutoWeek.nl
Fuel prices continue to fall – AutoWeek.nl

Recommended diesel price below €2

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November 10, 2023 at 1:00 PM

Prices at the pump keep falling. In more and more places you now pay less than €2 per liter for petrol and diesel is also becoming less and less expensive.

A liter of diesel still costs €1,998 (recommended retail price) on Thursday, reports consumer collective UnitedConsumers. It is the first time since the beginning of September that the recommended retail price of diesel is below €2. In practice, you have been paying less than €2 in most places for a long time, because the national recommended prices are often only achieved at the often expensive highway pumps. The diesel price has been steadily falling for about six weeks. The price of fuel largely depends on the trading prices for oil. Those prices have also been going down for a while. For example, traders briefly paid less than €80 for a barrel of North Sea oil on Wednesday, the lowest price since July. American oil has also fallen in price in recent weeks. This makes petrol cheaper. The reason for these price falls is doubts about the two largest economies in the world, China and the US. For example, the Chinese economy is faltering and traders are taking into account that interest rates in the US will rise because inflation is not yet under control. When economies are not running well, demand for oil is lower. It means we have to pay a little less at the pump. The recommended retail price for gasoline on Thursday is €2,164 per liter. In September, the petrol price was above €2.30 for a short time.

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