‘All Against 1’: new live RTL 4 game show with Martijn Krabb and Jelka van Houten

‘All Against 1’: new live RTL 4 game show with Martijn Krabb and Jelka van Houten
‘All Against 1’: new live RTL 4 game show with Martijn Krabb and Jelka van Houten

Can one person in the studio beat the entire country playing live at home? That’s what the new live RTL 4 game show ‘All Against 1’ is all about.

One candidate will compete live in the studio against the entire Netherlands. The country plays along via a special ‘All Against 1’ app. Both the candidate and the app players at home are instructed to estimate the outcomes of unique, special and educational experiments. As quizmaster and host, Martijn Krabbé receives a candidate in the studio every week to ensure the game runs smoothly. Jelka van Houten explains the experiments at a location in the country or around the studio or is part of them herself.

Various questions are asked in the studio and for viewers at home that need to be answered. Some examples of these questions are: How many liters of sweat does a group produce during spinning class? How many babies can Jelka make laugh? How long does it take the abseiler to rappel off the studio building?

Before both the candidate and the home players give their answers, they first receive information with which they can make their assessment. The average of the answers of all home players determines the answer of the entire country. The rule for each question: the one closest to the correct answer earns the money at stake for that question. After seven experiments it is determined who actually wins the money pot, the candidate in the studio or the rest of the Netherlands. Then the money pot goes to one of the home players.

Martijn Krabbé: ‘The fact that the viewer at home plays such a major role in a live show and has a chance to win is of course what is unique about this new game show. And the nice thing about the experiments is that you cannot Google the outcome. And that makes it a really crazy, vintage entertainment show for the whole family on Saturday evening.’

Jelka van Houten: ‘The fact that I can carry out all kinds of crazy experiments is of course really fantastic. It is of course really new for me to be part of a live game show, but I am really looking forward to it and can’t wait until we go live and play All Against 1 with the whole country.’

‘All Against 1’ can be seen and played live on RTL 4 every Saturday at 8 p.m. from November 11. The production is in the hands of EndemolShine Netherlands and is made possible by the National Postcode Lottery.

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