‘I think cheesecake is too tasty for a six-pack’

‘I think cheesecake is too tasty for a six-pack’
‘I think cheesecake is too tasty for a six-pack’

Amanda (32) is head of sales.
Length 1.77 meters
Weight 65kg

“It is very nice that women expose themselves like this in this section. They radiate a certain feminine power, which is very empowering. In the context of ‘stepping out of your comfort zone’, I found it fun and exciting to sign up. I like to give myself a certain stimulus sometimes, new energy. When I think ‘no’, sometimes I have to say ‘yes’. This shoot is a reminder that I can be the way I am.”

“I am happy with my blonde hair and blue eyes. The best compliment I ever received is that I look like Chantal Janzen. I worked for her brand for a while and was once mistaken for her. I liked that. My teeth are fine, but slightly straighter teeth would be nicer. I was never advised to get braces as a child. Sometimes I want one of those ‘invisible’ braces, but that is at odds with accepting myself as I am.”

“I’ve always had little interest in that. I like to pack them in nice sets and am happy with my 75D cup, but I don’t accentuate them.”

“My upper arms could be a little more toned. I do kickboxing so they are – just like my legs – muscular. The A tattoo on my left wrist represents the friendship I have with myself. The waves on my right arm represent moving with the flow of life.”

“Through a good combination of exercise, nutrition and rest, I see more and more definition around my stomach. Nice, but I think cheesecake is too tasty for a six-pack. My stomach is flat, not toned.”

“I often get compliments about that. They are nice and round and I train hard for that. Shopping for jeans is sometimes difficult with the length of my legs, the volume of my buttocks and my small waist. I usually wear baggy jeans; so I don’t accentuate my buttocks. Only in the gym, in sports leggings.”

“There was a time when I couldn’t separate calories from what I ate. That made it difficult to enjoy a tompouce. Thanks to coaching I know that there is also food for the soul. Partly because of this I have learned that I can embrace my feminine curves. So yes, I’m glad I dared to step out of my comfort zone. And my self-confidence gets a boost when I see the photos. I even thought for a moment: is this me?

AmandaImage Yara Brouwer

This lovemylijf is in Flair 45-2023. Would you also like to participate? Send an email to [email protected], with the subject ‘Love my body’.

Agnes HofmanYara BrouwerNovember 10, 202310:25

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