The Sounds of Life and Death: A Journey of Discovery through Music History


On November 15, 22 and 27, 2023, the doors of the Scharpoord Cultural Center will open for a unique trilingual journey through the world of music. The sessions, led by Katrien Vermeersch, take place between nine and twelve o’clock and promise an exploration of life and death through the lens of musical masterpieces.

With the theme “Music connects life and death”, the course highlights how music guides us through the most crucial moments of existence. From the celebration of new life to the reflection on farewell, every note tells a story. Great works by composers such as Liszt and Respighi provide the soundtrack for birth and beginning, while the serene and sometimes majestic tones of Fauré’s, Mozart’s and Verdi’s requiems embrace the inevitable finitude.

The course is open to everyone, with or without a musical background, and is priced at fifty-five euros. This inclusive nature ensures that music lovers of all levels are welcome to participate in this educational experience. Furthermore, for those who wish to continue the journey beyond the walls of the center, a syllabus is available to relive and deepen the knowledge acquired.

When we speak of the power of music, we recognize its role as a universal language that can express emotions that words often cannot. This course is an accessible way to learn to understand and appreciate that language.

The course “Music Connects Life and Death” offers a heartwarming opportunity to discover the invisible threads that music weaves through human existence. It is a unique opportunity to learn, reflect and grow. We conclude on a positive note: the music never ends; it echoes in the lessons we learn and the experiences we share.

The article is in Dutch

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