LIVE BREIDABLIK-AA GHENT. Tissoudali’s substitution immediately pays off: he offers Orban a hat-trick on a platter | Sport


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Breidablik’s late free kick yields nothing

In injury time, Orban commits another hooking error shortly before the penalty area. Gunnlaugson sets up for the free kick, but Nardi now clamps the ball well.


Nardi alert to Gunnlaugson’s swipe

Breidablik now insists and can still take a dangerous swing through Gunnlaugson. Nardi again makes a good save and prevents the equalizer.

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AA Gent keeps Breidablik away from the goal

AA Gent no longer insists on deepening the score, but keeps the rooms well closed. Breidablik then tries from a distance, but the shot flies wide of the post.


Nardi saves the furniture

Breidablik has not yet given in. Goalkeeper Nardi defuses a header with a cathartic jump. The Ghent goalkeeper quickly recovered after his mistake in the first half.


Tissoudali remains threatening

Breidablik finds it difficult to stop Tissoudali. After a dribble, a hasty attempt now lacks direction.

Tissoudali immediately created more threat when he came on. © BELGA


Andri Yeoman is replaced by Klæmint Olsen


Tissoudali gives Orban the hat-trick

Tissoudali’s intervention immediately paid off. He gets into a good shooting position, but is not selfish and passes the ball to Orban who can easily score. The Nigerian has just completed his hat-trick, but he can thank Tissoudali for the nice gift.


2-3 GOAL by Gift Emmanuel Orban!


Fresh attacking blood for Ghent

Ghent coach Vanhaezebrouck makes a double change: Tissoudali and Hong enter the field as a fresh attacking force. Tissoudali managed to score each time in the previous two European matches.


Hugo Cuypers is replaced by Tarik Tissoudali


Malick Fofana is replaced by Hong Hyun-seok


Yellow card for Archie Brown


Free kick De Sart misses direction

After a foul on Fofana, De Sart is allowed to build for a free kick. But her attempt lacks power and the right direction, AA Gent does manage to get a corner kick out of it.


Yellow card for Gísli Eyjólfsson


Yellow card for Núrio


Orban hits the target in cold blood

The penalty is a perfect match for Orban: the Nigerian coolly scores the equalizer.

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2-2 GOAL (Penalty) by Gift Emmanuel Orban!


Penalty for Ghent

During a free kick for Ghent, Cuypers is pulled to the ground. The referee does not hesitate and points to the spot.

Breidablik commits a penalty foul on Cuypers.
Breidablik commits a penalty foul on Cuypers. © Photo News


Yellow card for Andri Yeoman


Threat Ingvarsson

With one man less on the field, AA Gent almost swallowed the 0-3. Ingvarsson just misses a cross, AA Gent is able to relieve.

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