LIVE CLUB-LUGANO. Blauw-zwart is not convincing in the initial phase, opportunities remain missing | Sport

LIVE CLUB-LUGANO. Blauw-zwart is not convincing in the initial phase, opportunities remain missing | Sport
LIVE CLUB-LUGANO. Blauw-zwart is not convincing in the initial phase, opportunities remain missing | Sport


Almost Vanaken

The ball reaches Zinckernagel via Onyedika, Vetlesen and Vanaken. He saw Vanaken walk into the box, but the captain just couldn’t put his toe against the cross.


Bad ball Mechele

Things just aren’t going well at Club. Mechele is looking for Thiago, but the pass is below par. When will things improve for Blue-Black?


Press Club

Club succeeds for the first time in pushing Lugano back into its own sixteen for a longer period. Zinckernagel tries with a long shot, but it disappears into a corner via a Swiss kick.


De Cuyper finds no one

De Cuyper throws a cross towards the second zone, but both Thiago and Vetlesen had walked to the first post. And so the pass reaches no one.


Scotsman Skov Olsen

Finally something that looks like a well-constructed attack from Club Brugge. Vanaken shifts the play to the left, where De Cuyper Zinckernagel plays. The latter’s cross is headed into the feet of Skov Olsen. The Dane tries it in one go, but the shot is cracked.



Bislimi finds Cimignani with a good cross pass. The Frenchman wants to take the ball in one go, but he hits it completely wrong.


Sloppy Club

After a good recapture of the ball from Vetlesen, Club can think about attacking, but first Vanaken’s pass and later Buchanan’s control are unclear. Surely that can all be done better?


Foul Ordoñez

Ordoñez seems to have started the match a bit nervous. Now he comes in far too wildly from behind an opponent. Redundant.


Buchanan cannot find a teammate

Buchanan sets up a good one-two with Vetlesen and can then cross, but the Canadian cannot pick out a teammate.


Mignolet picks

Marques whips the ball across goal, but Mignolet reads it correctly and takes the shot. The Golden Boot then hesitates to immediately initiate a counter-attack, to the dismay of the home crowd.


Offside Skov Olsen

We have to wait for Club Brugge’s first flowing attack. This attempt also comes to nothing, because Skov Olsen is offside.


Ordoñez mistake

The young Ordoñez loses the ball, after which Lugano is able to quickly switch. Fortunately for Club and the Ecuadorian, no danger arises from this.


Slow start

Not a sparkling start to the match. Club gets the ball, but for the time being mainly plays the ball around at the back. Lugano doesn’t really put any pressure either.


First half kicked off

The Hungarian Tamas Bognar refereed the match!


Six substitutions

Six substitutions at Club Brugge. So Deila rotates.

Club Brugge line-up: Mignolet; Buchanan, Mechele, Ordonez, De Cuyper; Onyedika, Vetlesen, Vanaken; Skov Olsen, Thiago, Zinckernagel

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Can Club secure itself in the top two?

Club Brugge is still undefeated in its group in the Conference League and is leading the group with seven points. Blue and Black will soon take on Lugano, but the match a few hours earlier between Besiktas and Bodø/Glimt is also important. If the Turks cannot win, Club will be assured of at least second place in the group if they win against Lugano. This is equivalent to a ticket for the Conference League jump-offs. If the people of Bruges come first, they immediately go to the 1/8th finals.

Halfway Besiktas-Bodø/Glimt is 0-1. Good interim result for Club.


Vanaken: “Maybe I should shout more on the field”

When things are not going well, people look not only at the coach but also at the captain: “It’s not my way, but maybe I should shout more on the field,” says Hans Vanaken.

“It always comes back,” the playmaker sighed deeply. When asked about the criticism from analysts about his attitude in the Duden Park, where the captain suffered an inglorious loss with Club Brugge on Sunday evening. “It is my body language that I carry with me and that always turns out to be negative when things are not going well.”

Hans Vanaken remains Hans Vanaken. And he won’t change anymore. While Simon Mignolet gave his defense the full blow on Sunday around minute fifty, the Club captain silently went down with blue-black. This is being criticized left and right, as was the case last season during the annus horribilis of the people of Bruges: “Maybe I should shout more on the field or in the dressing room. But it’s not my way. (grins) I much prefer to criticize in private in the hope that we will play football differently or that players will improve. That’s why I’m not necessarily going to shout in public.”

It is not that Vanaken does not care about it, on the contrary. After Antwerp, Simon Mignolet once again emphasized to the cameras at home how he, together with Vanaken, is doing everything he can to turn the tide. This is often confirmed within the Basecamp. However, his stoic attitude during difficult matches suggests the opposite. “It’s something I can’t just change.”

Unlike Club Brugge, Vanaken is having a good season – together with Skov Olsen he has scored 20 of the 49 goals for blue-black so far. But he doesn’t buy much for it: “Why things are so difficult is a good question. I think it has to do with the many young guests. Anyone who is 18, 19 or 20 cannot continuously perform at top level. However, we need to learn to assess some things better. After Union we talked. On Sunday things could have been better in all aspects of football. Defensively, in matches, in terms of intensity. We made it too easy for Union.”

Ronny Deila is currently catching the wind from the front – not illogical if Club Brugge only occupies 7th place in the rankings: “In any case, we still have full confidence in him. There is no doubt about that at any time. Things weren’t good on Sunday, but things could have gone differently in many other matches. We have to accept the situation. As a staff and group of players, we know that we can and must do much better.”

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