LIVE: Romelu Lukaku and AS Roma fall behind against Slavia Prague | UEFA Europa League 2023/2024


Thu November 9, 2023


Slavia Prague

AS Roma

  1. 44′ – Yellow – Leandro Paredes
  1. 50′ – Goal – Václav Jurecka (1 – 0)

UEFA Europa League – matchday 4 – 09/11/23 – 18:45

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Vaclav Jurecka


Vaclav Jurecka

1 – 0

Certainties in life: Romelu Lukaku’s death, taxes and Europa League goals. Will the Red Devil find their way to goal for the 15th time in a row against Slavia Prague? Follow it live below.

  1. Goal during second half, minute 50 by Václav Jurecka of Slavia Prague. 1, 0.

    Slavia Prague AS Roma



  2. second half, minute 46 match started
  3. halftime, 7:49 PM. Replacement at AS Roma, Rick Karsdorp in, Stephan El Shaarawy out
  4. halftime, 7:48 p.m. Replacement at AS Roma, Bryan Cristante in, Houssem Aouar out
  5. first half, minute 47 match over
  6. Yellow card for AS Roma’s Leandro Paredes during first half, minute 44
  7. first half, minute 1 match started
  8. in advance, 7:49 PM. The few chances in the first half were for Slavia Prague.

    The few chances in the first half were for Slavia Prague

  9. Beforehand, 5:59 PM

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