LIVE: Immediately a huge downer for Genk after half an hour of play, Vandevoordt scores a world save!


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Again not a very good corner from El Khannouss, but he still gets a chance.


We get three minutes extra time.


El Khannouss curls the free kick from very far into the goal! Corner.


Bonsu Baah scores a free kick. About like a corner but slightly less sharp.


Corner kick for the home team. Zeqiri heads the danger away.


Yellow card for Mujaid Sadick Aliu


Another major blunder by Sadick who simply surrenders at a very dangerous moment. Genk escapes well from a counter because Bonsu Baah followed along well.


KRC Genk scores another corner.


What a save from Vandevoordt! The Genk goalkeeper keeps Genk absolutely straight here with a world save after Marquinhos suddenly gets the ball at his feet a few meters from goal!


The home fans are starting to get a bit frustrated with the way their team is performing.


Genk attacks nicely, but the last good pass is always missing. The Limburgers are the better team, but Ferencváros can occasionally escape dangerously.


Genk will immediately have a hard time without Bryan Heynen.


Pesic had the perfect opportunity to make it 1-0, but ultimately missed from very close range. Afterwards the flag was flagged for offside.


Bryan Heynen
Matias Galarza


Traore takes advantage of the time against 10 men and dribbles towards goal. His shot goes wide.


The Genkies have to continue with ten. Heynen has already entered, but there is no new player on the field yet.


The Genk captain seems to have to go… He was doing well in the game.


Heynen seems to get a hand, or elbow, in the face there. He is being cared for on the field.


An incredible blunder from Sadick! The defender walks with the ball to the corner flag and then simply passes the ball into the feet of a Ferencváros attacker… However, nothing is done with the gift.


Genk currently has the upper hand. Bonsu Baah gives in to El Khannouss, but the goalkeeper pays attention and gets a good shot from his goal.


Genk seemed to be starting a nice attack, but due to an unfortunate ball from Zeqiri, the ball quickly went towards the Genk goal.


The home team puts a lot of pressure when Genk gains possession of the ball, but the Limburgers seem to be handling it well for the time being.


Paintsil runs into a cross from El Khannouss but heads the ball into the side netting!


Paintsil is tackled hard by the home crowd with a deafening flute concert with every touch of the ball.


Everyone in the stands jumps up when Traore goes down in Genk’s sixteen. A few moments later, Zeqiri claims to be pulled over as he stands alone in front of the goal on the other side. The VAR seems to look at everything, but just allows play to continue with a goal kick.


El Khannouss kicks his corner terribly poorly, in the restart Arteaga tries with an ambitious shot that didn’t seem to go too far wide.


KRC Genk moves forward again and scores a corner, the first for Genk. Another deafening flute concerto.


El Khannouss tries with a dribble but plays the ball too far in front of him… Something we are not used to from Genk’s golden boy.


Abu Fani tries again from just outside the box, but sees his shot go wide.


Paintsil takes over the entire stadium! The winger (who has a past with Ferencváros) seems to run over a defender. The referee whistles foul, but keeps his cards in his pocket.


We get to see a fairly open initial phase. Both teams want to attack, but Genk seems to have a slightly more difficult time than Ferencváros.


Vandevoordt had to intervene there for the first time! Adama Traoré shoots at goal from far away, but Vandevoordt puts his hand against it and pushes it into a corner.


The first corner of the game goes to Ferencváros. Abu Fani gets behind the ball, the danger is averted but the home team remains in possession.


Genk again. El Khannouss reaches Bonsu Baah, but he waits a little too long and plays the ball too nonchalantly towards Heynen, causing him to roll over the back line.


Genk was there for the first time! Paintsil can run towards goal but decides on goalkeeper Dibusz. In the restart, El Khannouss kicks the ball meters over goal!


Ferencváros tries to start an attack first, but is too inaccurate.


We started it in a swirling Groupama Arena!


Ferencváros – KRC Genk: 0-0
Ferencváros (Ferencváros - KRC Genk)

Cebrails Makreckis – Samy Mmaee – Ibrahim Cisse – Eldar Civić – David Siger – Mohammad Abu Fani – Marquinhos – Kristoffer Zachariassen – Adama Traore – Aleksandar Pesic – Dénes Dibusz

Barnabas Varga – Endre Botka – Myenty Abena – Lorand Paszka – Ismael Aaneba – Cristian Leonel Ramírez Zambrano – Muhamed Besic – Mohamed Ali Ben Romdhane – Anderson Esiti – Bálint Katona – Krisztian Lisztes – Owusu Kwabena

KRC Genk (Ferencváros - KRC Genk)

KRC Genk:
Mujaid Sadick Aliu – Gerardo Arteaga – Bryan Heynen – Andi Zeqiri – Patrik Hrosovský – Daniel Munoz – Maarten Vandevoordt – Joseph Paintsil – Bilal El Khannouss – Carlos Cuesta – Christopher Bonsu Baah

Hendrik Van Crombrugge – Mark McKenzie – Ouattara Aziz – Alieu Fadera – Yira Collins Sor – Joris Kayembe – Anouar Ait El Hadj – Luca Oyen – Matias Galarza – Vic Chambaere – Zakaria El Ouahdi


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