This is the meaning behind the theme of The Met Gala 2024

This is the meaning behind the theme of The Met Gala 2024
This is the meaning behind the theme of The Met Gala 2024

The Met Gala is one of the most prestigious events in the fashion world. Every year a theme is chosen for the event and next year’s theme was finally announced yesterday. The celebrities will appear at The Met Steps in this theme this year and this is the story behind it.

With the name Sleeping Beauty we thought we knew exactly what the theme was. Yet it is slightly different.

Announcement of The Met Gala 2024 theme

The theme of the 2024 Met Gala was announced last night (Dutch time). A moment that we really look forward to every year. From the announcement, fantasizing about the possible outfits can start. The theme has been named ‘Sleeping Beauty: Reawakening Fashion’, which is the translation for the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. Behind all the expectations we already had of this theme, there is an even deeper meaning, which makes it even more special.

The Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty has taken on a new meaning. The Met’s ‘Costume Institute’ – also known as The Metropolitan Museum of Art – has a huge archive full of special fashion artworks bursting with craftsmanship. Fifty copies of these are too fragile to ever be worn again, you guessed it: these are the Sleeping Beauties.

Dormant fashion as living works of art

The theme of the gala, which is also the opening of the new fashion exhibition in the museum, is therefore an invitation to reconnect with the exhibited works as they were originally intended: with vibrancy, with dynamism and ultimately with life. ‘Sleeping Beauty’ is therefore a link for the works of art that are brought back to life.

An additional nod to the fairy tale is that the garments that are too fragile to be displayed on mannequins will be displayed lying down in Sleeping Beauty-like glass “coffins”.

The exhibition will be divided into three parts: land, sea and air. These pieces celebrate the natural materials used in countless ways to create innovative garments.

Was Kim Kardashian the inspiration for the theme?

The concept behind the theme of the year reminds us of something suspiciously. Kim Kardashian appeared at the 2023 Met Gala in a Marilyn Monroe dress, which has caused a lot of controversy and fuss. The dress was actually impossible to wear without damaging it. We’d be forgiven for thinking that all this fuss served as the inspiration for this year’s theme.

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