Patrick Dempsey is the sexiest man

Patrick Dempsey is the sexiest man
Patrick Dempsey is the sexiest man

the Red carpet

Patrick Dempsey. — © Vianney Le Caer/invision/ap

Anyone who spends time in BV-land or Hollywood, on the red carpet or in the corridors, will often visit this section.

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Dear male readers, do not be disappointed. You were a sympathetic candidate, but according to… People Patrick Dempsey is the sexiest man alive. As you know, people are always right.

Dempsey is 57 and played the role of Derek Shepherd for almost twenty years Grey’s anatomy. He received the award during Jimmy Kimmel’s TV show. Dempsey could hardly believe it himself. He had already reconciled himself to a Raymond Poulidor existence. “I’m always number two,” he said. Last year Chris Evans won – before that Paul Rudd, Michael B. Jordan and Idris Elba were number one.

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Zac Efron is working on his muscles.

Zac Efron is working on his muscles. — © image

Another person who is still making meritorious attempts to one day win the prize of sexiest man is Zac Efron. The singer and actor, who became famous with High school musicalfocuses unilaterally on one segment: his muscles.

Efron has committed himself to playing the role of wrestler Kevin Von Erich. There were already set photos on display last year The iron claw. Since then he has made significant progress, as can be seen from a cover photo Entertainment Weekly. Zac Efron is 36 years old. It could still work out.

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© afp

We fear it will never work out for Ozzy Osbourne again. He is now 74 and suffers from all kinds of ailments.

As his granddaughter Maple on the jury of People he can forget about it. As long as she sees him on TV, she is excited. But ‘in real life’ she is afraid of him. Maple is one year old.

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Sofia Vergara.

Sofia Vergara. — © afp

It is probably also the case for actor Joe Manganiello (46). over and out. His colleague Sofia Vergara (51), known for Modern familydumped him four months ago.

In the meantime, she is happy with her new date: Justin Saliman. Maybe one day he’ll get the title. She falls for his intelligence and humor. If necessary, he can make a small correction. Saliman is an orthopedic surgeon. (evdg/gse)

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