Was Cas’s (23) death an accident? Police reopen the case after new information | Instagram

Was Cas’s (23) death an accident? Police reopen the case after new information | Instagram
Was Cas’s (23) death an accident? Police reopen the case after new information | Instagram

The police have reopened the case of the deceased Cas Steenbergen (23) from De Schiphorst. It was previously assumed that a fatal bicycle accident killed him. Based on new information, the police will re-investigate the circumstances surrounding his death.

Cas Steenbergen was seriously injured on the night of July 16 to 17, 2022 when he cycled home in De Schiphorst after a party. He came from the party grounds at CH De Wolden in Veeningen. His parents found him in bed in the morning, in a pool of blood. At that time he was no longer conscious.

After being in a coma for four weeks, Cas (23) died of cardiac arrest on August 15.

The police initially thought it was a fatal bicycle accident. But his parents, Luuk and Albertine, had their reservations about this. Given the severity of the injuries, they believed something else must have happened.

Camera images

CCTV footage reportedly shows Cas being chased by a boy with a gray shirt, shortly after he left the party area at 1:46 am.

It would also show how a girl in a white jacket, white shoes and black pants tries to stop the man. Cas would have disappeared behind the marquee, just like the other man. Two minutes later the man reportedly returned alone.

His parents think that Cas then most likely cycled home, 15 kilometers away, seriously injured.

New research

The police immediately started an investigation on July 17. It was concluded that there had been a fatal accident. Now it appears that things may be different.

Based on new information and additional research, the police now hope to clarify what may have caused Cas’ serious injury. The parents and those directly involved have been informed about this.

The police have now spoken to possible witnesses and people involved and are re-examining the results of the previous investigation. Together with the new information, this should lead to a better timeline and reconstruction of what may have happened to Cas, the police said.

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