Gelbes Kopfkissen: Du solltest es urgently austauschen


Does kissing is strong and beautiful? Lieber away damit!

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Publiziert9. November 2023, 04:53

Hygiene: Deshalb solltest du urgent dein Kissen austauschen

Who would like to kiss under their wishes – snow, who would like to enjoy the gift or more intensively? Deiner Gesundheit züliebe solltest du bei Letzterem actn.


First of all, it’s on X (e.g. Twitter) and there has been a viral episode, and no one is aware of it: One user said that they had a good relationship with each other, after all – after all, there was a sign of friendship – the whole world was born. 4.6 Millionen Anzeigen später spaltet sich die Kommentarspalte in zwei Lager: Diejenigen, die ausschliesslich auf dem uralten, vergilbten Kissen in den Schlaf finden können and all others, die sich ekeln.

On Tiktok you can see more videos on the topic, which will disappear, on the next page. That means that the fragment is unthinkable because of the antiques.

Darum wird das Kissen gelb

Gegenüber dem Onlinemagazine «Huffpost» explains the Allergologin Dr. Neeta comments on the greenery for the paintwork: «Rückstand von Schweiss, Speichel, Ölen, Beautyprodukten und nassem Her targen dazu bei.» For all that the first two moments are possible during the night – during the night, it is normal and important for the heat regulation of the Körpers. Beauty and Hair Products should be tested carefully at the latest, ready to use, so that you can take care of them as soon as possible. Ohnehin since we are happy to help you.

Übrigens, ein vergilbtes Kissen is not still ungewaschen: «Schon a Nacht unter entsprechenden Umständen kann ausreichen, um eine Verfärbung auszulösen.»

That’s because the risks are worth kissing

Also, who can think about how good kisses are? Is it empty that the Farbe of aussen and your wash the example regularly – all three monate were empty – hast you little zu befürchten. If the kisses are not hung in a washing machine inside, then you will have to pass them by: The ease of use in the thin environment will ensure that the washing machine is clean and the hairdressing blades are suitable for household use. Auch Schimmelpilze feel good. Both could be allergic to allergies. Moreover, the heart is not ideal. Clogged pores and pickles could cause swelling, causing irritation and irritation.

For a fresh one, be sure to test your skin and kiss without having to take regular care of it, without having to wash it yourself.

For a fresh one, be sure to test your skin and kiss without having to take regular care of it, without having to wash it yourself.

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When should the Kissen go away?

The regular washing needs to be done, so they will be prevented – they can be commercially available since they are used for washing machines. A run in the tumbler is worth a visit during the Trocknungszeit. Everything: All two years solltest du deine Kissen gegen new, free to wear Modelle austauschen. Alternativ hilft ein Kissenschutz, die Lebenszeit deines Kissens zu langängern. There functions as a Mattress Topper and sit there while kissing and being cared for. Dein actions, gelbes Modell solltest du vorher aber trotzdem lieber aus dem Bett banished – the Schutz sollte Schmutz prevented, not alten überdecken.

Who is there to kiss you? Blütenweiss or yet gelb and loved?

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