LIVE ISRAEL. US attacks Iran-linked targets in Syria – Netanyahu rejects ceasefire again | Instagram VTM NEWS

LIVE ISRAEL. US attacks Iran-linked targets in Syria – Netanyahu rejects ceasefire again | Instagram VTM NEWS
LIVE ISRAEL. US attacks Iran-linked targets in Syria – Netanyahu rejects ceasefire again | Instagram VTM NEWS


WHO warns of infectious diseases in Gaza Strip

The risk that infectious diseases spreading in the Gaza Strip has increased due to the Israeli bombings, warns the WHO, the United Nations World Health Organization. The shelling has caused the health system to function poorly no access to clean drinking water and people huddle together in shelters, the WHO said on Wednesday.

Due to the lack of fuel, many seawater desalination plants are out of use the risk of diarrhea increases. Israel refuses to allow fuel to pass into the Gaza Strip for fear it will fall into the hands of Hamas. According to the WHO there are already more than 33,000 cases of diarrhea especially in children under five years of age. In 2021 and 2022, the number of cases of diarrhea in that age group was around 2,000, according to the WHO.

There is also a lack of fuel no garbage collected. That attracts insects, mice and rats on, that one too spread diseases.


US attacks Iran-linked targets in Syria

Have American planes Iran-linked targets in eastern Syria bombedUS Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced on Wednesday evening.

According to Austin, the American attack was one response to shelling by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards and associated groups on U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria. Two American F-15s targeted a weapons depot, Austin said.

Since Hamas’s attack on Israel last October 7, Iranian-backed groups have targeted American targets at least forty times.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. © AP


Hamas: No evacuations to Egypt carried out on Wednesday

The Rafah border crossing was closed on Wednesday and a Palestinian official said no injured Palestinians or dual nationals are evacuated from Gaza.

A Hamas official told French news agency ‘AFP’ that the border crossing remained closed due to Israel’s refusal to approve the list of injured people to be evacuated.

It is the Rafah border crossing, which is controlled by Egypt and does not border Israel only access point where aid can be delivered to Gaza.

An AFP journalist saw one at the Rafah border crossing during the day large crowd of people hoping to enter Egypt.

Earlier in the day, a US State Department spokesperson said the border crossing was closed due to an unspecified ‘security situation’.


Israeli airstrikes on military bases in Syria

Israel has again air strikes on military bases in Syria. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights three pro-Iranian fighters killed in that attack.

There have been the past month more Israeli airstrikes on Syriaincluding at the airports of Aleppo and Damascus. This time, military bases in the south of the country were targeted. Many soldiers from Iran, Israel’s arch enemy in the Middle East, are said to be stationed in Syria.


Israeli army: 50,000 civilians fled north of Gaza today

Almost 50,000 residents of the Gaza Strip are today for the second day in a row fled from the north of the strip to the south along the evacuation corridor” which has been secured by Israeli troops. This was said by the spokesperson of the Israeli army.

“They leave because they understand that Hamas lost control of the north and that the situation is safer in the south. There is a secure area where medicine, water and food are available,” spokesman Daniel Hagari said during his daily press briefing. He added that the corridor opens again on Thursday would be.


Lahbib urges Israeli colleague for humanitarian ceasefire

Minister of Foreign Affairs Hadja Lahbib had a conversation with her Israeli colleague Eli Cohen. In the conversation, the MR minister insisted on one “immediate humanitarian ceasefire”.

Lahbib also met relatives of Israeli hostages held by Hamas. The families were able to explain to the minister under what circumstances their relatives are being held hostage and how concerned they are about the lack of contact. Lahbib mentions the Hostage takings unacceptable and emphasizes that the hostages should be released “unconditionally”.

“Civilians must be protected and never used as targets or human shields. Regional escalation must be avoided at all costs,” Lahbib said.

With her Israeli colleague, Lahbib also pressed her expresses concern about the humanitarian situation in Gaza. “We are talking about human lives, lives that need to be saved and it is urgent. The images of human suffering, destruction and civilians being held hostage are terrifying,” said Lahbib, who is again calling for “an immediate humanitarian ceasefire and the establishment of humanitarian corridors”.


Netanyahu rejects ceasefire again

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has once again rejected any ceasefire in the Gaza Strip without the release of the hostages held by Hamas.

“I want to refute the false rumors that we hear everywhere, I say clearly: there will be no ceasefire without the release of our hostages” the Israeli head of government said during a meeting with representatives of settlers from the West Bank.

Netanyahu was referring to that rumors that Qatar, with American assistance, would negotiate between Israel and Hamas for the release of ten to fifteen hostages in exchange for one temporary file in the Gaza Strip.


Minister Caroline Gennez (Vooruit) argues for recognition of Palestine

In the podcast ‘Enoeg Gezeverd’, Vooruit leaders Caroline Gennez (Minister of Development Cooperation) and Conner Rousseau (party chairman) speak about the war between Hamas and Israel. They argue for the recognition of Palestine as an independent state. That was already in the Vooruit program and Vivaldi’s coalition agreement.

Although 139 countries worldwide recognize Palestine as an independent state and there is a Palestinian diplomatic representation in Belgium, our country does not yet recognize Palestine as an independent country.

Nine of the 27 EU member states recognize the Palestinian state. Nearly all EU member states that recognize Palestinian statehood were once members of the Soviet Union-aligned Eastern Bloc, and all recognized its statehood before joining the European Union. This concerns Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Iceland, Romania and Sweden.


Eleven Belgians and rights holders have been able to leave the Gaza Strip

Eleven Belgians and rights holders were able to leave the Gaza Strip on Tuesday. This is evident from figures from the office of Minister of Foreign Affairs Hadja Lahbib (MR). In total, at least 39 compatriots and relatives left the area.

The Belgians and rights holders were on a list of people who have been given permission to leave Gaza by the Egyptian and Israeli authorities. In total there are fifty compatriots and relatives on. According to the Lahbib cabinet, things are going well especially women and children.

According to the Lahbib cabinet, the Foreign Affairs continues to work to get other compatriots and rights holders out of Gaza as quickly as possible. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, approximately 200 Belgians and rights holders have been identified in Gaza since October 7. That information has been passed on to the Egyptian authorities.


Death toll in Gaza Strip rises to 10,569

There are already 10,569 persons perished in Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip since October 7. The Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health reported this on Wednesday. That day, the extremist Palestinian organization caused a massacre in Israel, mainly among civilians.

According to the ministry, the dead include: 4,324 children and 2,823 women. On Monday, the number of fatalities rose to more than 10,000. The war between Hamas and Israel has been going on for more than a month.


Government maintains its position on Israel: no import ban on products from occupied Palestinian territories

The federal government makes 5 million euros available for the investigation by the International Criminal Court into possible war crimes in the conflict between Israel and Hamas and is taking a number of other initiatives. There is no consensus on an import ban on products from occupied Palestinian territories or other measures against Israel.

For the CD&V and the green and socialist parties in the federal government, measures against Israel in response to the bombing of hospitals and refugee camps in the Gaza Strip are an option. The liberals would stop that boat, although Prime Minister Alexander De Croo called Israel’s actions in Gaza on Monday “no longer proportionate”.

That position has not changed after Wednesday’s core cabinet. That has been agreed Belgium will accommodate children and women seriously injured in the conflict in the military hospital of Neder-Over-Heembeekthat there medication is provided for the Jewish hostages in Gaza through the International Red Cross and that there is alsok resources go to hospitals in neighboring Egypt.

In addition, 5 million euros will go to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. It investigates possible war crimes in Israel and Gaza. The United Nations has already accused both the Israeli army and Hamas of war crimes in the conflict.


Israeli army says it has killed major weapons developer Hamas

The Israeli army (IDF) says he has one important weapons developer of the extremist Palestinian organization Hamas was killed. According to the Israeli army Mohsen Abu Zina an expert in the development of strategic weapons and missiles deployed by Hamas. He was reportedly killed in an attack by an Israeli fighter plane.

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, Israeli forces say they killed several militants in the Gaza Strip who wanted to fire anti-tank rockets at soldiers. A plane attacked the cell, the military said.

The IDF also carried out an airstrike on a cell that fired rockets into Israel. Several people were also killed.


Israel hunts Hamas in tunnels after encircling Gaza City

Israeli ground forces in the Gaza Strip focus on it detecting and disabling the enormous tunnel network of Hamas under the enclave.

In the meantime Gaza CityHamas’s main stronghold, surrounded. Israel says its forces have advanced into the heart of the densely populated city, while Hamas says its supporters have inflicted heavy casualties on the invading forces.

The Israeli army’s chief spokesman, Vice Admiral Daniel Hagari, said the Israeli engineering units used explosives to destroy a tunnel network built by Hamas which extends for hundreds of kilometers under Gaza.

It is not possible around the claims of both sides on the battlefield Verify.

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