Vlaams Belang opposes EU expansion plans

Vlaams Belang opposes EU expansion plans
Vlaams Belang opposes EU expansion plans

Today, President of the European Commission Ursula Von der Leyen announced that the EU accession negotiations can starting with Ukraine. In addition to Ukraine were also Moldavia and Bosnia and Herzegovina mentioned as candidate member states that can start the accession process. According to European Member of Parliament Gerolf Annemans the European Union is completely derailing. The taddition of corrupt and poor countries is unwanted, unsolicited and not in the interest of the Flemish“, he says. The joining of Ukraine is even leading us to direct war.

“If there is one constant within the EU, it is its inexhaustible drive for expansion,” says Annemans. “And this should not even concern European countries. They have been trying to include an Islamic country like Turkey in the EU since 1987. This has already cost taxpayers many billions. Now the European Commission wants to include countries such as Ukraine, Moldova or Bosnia-Herzegovina in the EU. These are countries that are among the worst-scoring European countries according to the most recent figures of the corruption index. In addition, these countries are also extremely poor. An expansion will therefore ensure that the current member states will have to cough up even more money for the EU. Almost every Member State will become a net contributor due to the accession of Ukraine. That in turn will completely upset the political balance of our already unworkable EU.”

“Almost every member state will become a net contributor due to the accession of Ukraine”

“The EU started as a European economic partnership between sovereign countries. Today, however, we are dealing with a completely derailed EU that no one recognizes in anymore,” Annemans continues. “Extremists like Von der Leyen or Guy Verhofstadt want an EU Empire: an EU governed by anonymous bureaucrats that swallows up more and more states and then replaces the nation states. Now they even want to take on a country at war.”

Vlaams Belang therefore opposes further expansion of the EU. “What does Ukraine have to offer the EU member states?” Annemans concludes. “We can perfectly maintain trade and other relations as we do with Switzerland, Norway or the UK without including Ukraine in the EU. The Flemish have no interest in Ukraine’s membership in the EU. We also act as an unreliable partner towards those countries, because we make promises to them that will never be kept.”

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