Uncertainty abounds around the plan for youth housing in Hoogwoud: or is it for seniors?

Uncertainty abounds around the plan for youth housing in Hoogwoud: or is it for seniors?
Uncertainty abounds around the plan for youth housing in Hoogwoud: or is it for seniors?

Construction activities in the village of Opmeer. The Hoogwoud village council wants more housing for young people and the elderly in its own center.© Archive photo Mediahuis

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Some misunderstandings between the Hoogwoud village council and the municipal council need to be cleared up. The latter formally knows nothing about the recent plans for the construction of homes for the elderly and young people on the Oeverwal.

According to the mayor and aldermen, the recent criticism that the municipality is keeping aloof from the construction plans is unjustified. The fact is that two years ago the village council came up with a plan for collective commissioning (CPO), intended to create youth housing on the Oeverwal. The land is privately owned.

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Only: Opmeer has always made it clear that this spot must remain green, for the rest of the residential area. So it was indicated in time that another piece of land along the Overwal did offer possibilities. The land is owned by the same owner. A design has been made for the bell jar with ten youth homes. That draft would be submitted.

To work

Until the village council said that this plan was intended for seniors, while the municipal council was based on young people. At the same time, the village council also wanted to start work on the previous piece of land on the Oeverwal. Space should then be made available here for youth housing, as a CPO. “The plan presented deviated from the agreements made before submitting the plan,” the council notes.

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The group now complains that the municipality is holding up the process. The mayor and aldermen reject that criticism. It is clear that the previous plot on the Oeverwal was previously rejected, while the Village Council also knows this. It is important that a request in principle is first made, the council said in a letter to the council members. Only then can the municipality give a substantive assessment.

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