Kyiv ready for EU membership negotiations

Kyiv ready for EU membership negotiations
Kyiv ready for EU membership negotiations

The US government accuses Russia of financing a disinformation campaign in Latin America aimed at weakening support for Ukraine and stoking anti-American sentiment.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Kremlin does not try to directly influence newspapers, broadcasters and social media in almost all Latin American countries. To this end, it engages three Russian organizations that have contacts with local journalists and influencers.

This concerns The Social Design Agency (SDA), the Institute for Internet Development and Structura. The European Union imposed sanctions on two of them in July for spreading propaganda against Ukraine.

The main channels through which the Russians spread their disinformation are the website Pressenza in Ecuador, which bills itself as an international news agency for peace and non-violence and which collaborates with 300 newspapers, channels and websites around the world, and El Ciudadano, a libertarian socialist media outlet in Chili.

The Russian embassy in Washington has not yet responded to the accusation.

It is the second time in a short time that the Americans accuse Moscow of using fake news and propaganda in a disinformation campaign. On October 20, the US published a declassified intelligence report, sent to more than 100 governments, saying Moscow is using spies, social media and Russian state media to erode public confidence in the integrity of democratic elections.

Peter van Ammelrooy

Support for Ukraine against the Russian invasion is not self-evident in Latin America, correspondent Joost de Vries noted earlier: Lula is antagonizing the West with his Ukraine peace plan

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