Butter price skyrockets | Melkvee.nl

Butter price skyrockets | Melkvee.nl
Butter price skyrockets | Melkvee.nl

The price for 100 kilograms of butter is shooting up this week. With an increase of 22 euros, the price for 100 kilograms of butter amounts to 535 euros.

The significant increase in the price of butter is also the only bright spot on the dairy market, which is clearly taking a step back this week.

Whole milk powder is stable, 100 kilograms of whole milk powder yields 365 euros per 100 kilograms this week, just like last week. Extra quality skimmed milk powder is losing value for the second week in a row. For 100 kilograms of extra quality skimmed milk powder, traders will pay 255 euros this week, 2 euros less than last week. After ten weeks of a steadily rising price, skimmed milk powder for animal feed purposes has fallen by 6 euros this week. This week, 100 kilograms of milk powder for animal feed costs 235 euros per 100 kilograms.

Whey powder also gives up some ground and yields 4 euros less this week. The trade currently pays 80 euros for 100 kilograms of whey powder.

Global sentiment negative

There was also a slightly negative mood on the Global Dairy Trade (GDT) last week. The quotations fell by 0.7 percent. In contrast to the Dutch market, the butter quotation fell by 1.6 percent and the quotation of skimmed milk powder increased by 2.3 percent. Whole milk powder increased 2.7 percent in the price, while it remained stable in the Netherlands.

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Dairy market analysis

Every Friday an extensive dairy market analysis is published on Melkvee.nl in which the global trends of the dairy market are explained in more detail. This also includes cheese and mozzerella prices and spot market quotations. The developments in milk supply are also part of this analysis.

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