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‘The Smartest Person in the World’: Who is Jade Mintjens and where do you know her from?

‘The Smartest Person in the World’: Who is Jade Mintjens and where do you know her from?
‘The Smartest Person in the World’: Who is Jade Mintjens and where do you know her from?

by Ulrike Vandamme
published on Wednesday November 8, 2023 to 11:52
3 min read

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to Nathalie Meskens after a (not super exciting) final The smartest person in the world. Fien Germijns is therefore going to her sixth episode and Robin Pront will be seen in the quiz for the second time. They will be challenged tonight by Jade Mintjens. This is where you know her from.

Tonight it’s time for the fourteenth episode of The smartest person in the world. Since yesterday, Fien Germijns is officially the second best player of the year and she is now close to Alex Agnew’s record of eight episodes. Yesterday she was joined by director Robin Pront and Jade Mintjens will also join her tonight.

Jade Mintjens

Jade Mintjens is now best known as a comedian, but she actually started her career as an actress. For example, in 2013, when she was barely 15 years old, she appeared together with Pommelien Thijs in You choose!. From 2014 to 2015 she performed on stage with the theater company fABULEUS. In 2017 she was seen on television for the first time as a comedian. The then 18-year-old Jade Mintjens was one of the participants in the program For the Lions, in which eight young talents had to perform assignments to make the audience laugh. That same year she also appeared as Eva in the Ketnet series Ghost Rockers. In 2020, Jade played the leading role in the VTM GO mockumentary Instafamous.

Since 2021, Jade Mintjens has been in the final of Humo’s Comedy Cup. She finished in second place after Vincent Voeten, who will also be seen this year in De Slimste Mens ter Wereld. Later that same year, Jade Mintjens became one of the regular sidekicks The Ideal World on Canvas. From this year she can also be seen as the chairwoman of the question makers in the quiz I literally told you right.

In January, already 11 months ago, Jade Mintjes was the first name we met for the 21st season of The smartest person in the world. So she had the longest time to prepare for her participation, but tonight we will see whether that will pay off. It is not made easy for her right away because Jade already announced that she is a big fan of Bart Cannaerts and now has him on the jury during her first episode. So hopefully she can keep her cool.

The smartest person in the world can be seen every Monday to Thursday at 9:15 PM on Play4 and online via GoPlay.


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