US comes up with conditions for the future of Gaza | Domestic

US comes up with conditions for the future of Gaza | Domestic
US comes up with conditions for the future of Gaza | Domestic

The United States presents a list of conditions that the future of Gaza must meet. “The war and human suffering in Gaza must end, but with an eye toward the future,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Wednesday during the G7 summit in Tokyo.

“We all want to end this conflict as quickly as possible while minimizing human suffering,” Blinken said. Many countries have been calling for a ceasefire for some time, but Israel has not responded.

The G7 countries believe that anyone calling for a truce should come up with a plan for what can be done about the “unacceptable consequences that a ceasefire is likely to entail”, the minister said. He is referring to the presence of Hamas in Gaza. The G7 is in favor of a pause in fighting, but only because this allows humanitarian aid to reach Gaza.

Blinken listed a number of conditions that he and the other G7 leaders believe must be met before peace can come. For example, there should be no forced movements of Palestinians in Gaza. “Not now and not after the war.” Gaza must also not be reoccupied, blockaded or besieged.

In addition, the territory allocated to the Palestinian people must not be reduced. Blinken says action must be taken against “terrorist activity” from Gaza or the West Bank. He further advocated self-government for both Israelis and Palestinians.

Wat is de G7?

De G7 is een internationale groep van zeven landen, namelijk de Verenigde Staten, Canada, Duitsland, Frankrijk, Italië, Japan en het Verenigd Koninkrijk. De Europese Unie neemt ook deel aan de G7-toppen, maar is geen eigen staat en telt daarom niet mee als lid.

Israel says it does not want to occupy Gaza

Israel has no plans to occupy Gaza when the war is over, Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer told news channel MSNBC. It is still unclear what Israel plans to do with the area.

“We withdrew completely from Gaza seventeen years ago and we got a terrorist state in return. We cannot let this happen again, that much is clear,” Dermer said. But how Israel envisions this remains unclear.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes that the Israeli government should take “overall responsibility for security” in Gaza after the war.

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