Investigation into Cas Steenbergen’s death reopened after new information

Investigation into Cas Steenbergen’s death reopened after new information
Investigation into Cas Steenbergen’s death reopened after new information

Police and the Public Prosecution Service have reopened the investigation into the death of Cas Steenbergen in 2022, following new information. The boy died on his way home after a party. CCTV footage allegedly showed that he was being chased there by a man.

by Joost van der Wegen

Image: Cas Steenbergen, fatally injured after a night out


Cas Steenbergen was seriously injured on the night of July 16 to 17, 2022, when he cycled from a party site in Veeningen back to his home in De Schiphorst. It was a party evening on the grounds of the CH De Wolden horse competition.

Cas’ parents discovered the next morning that he was no longer conscious. A month later, on August 15, 2022, the then 23-year-old Cas died.


The police started an investigation into what may have happened to Cas on July 17 of that year. Until now, the police and the Public Prosecution Service assumed that there was a fatal accident, somewhere between the party site and his house in De Schiphorst.

It is still unclear what exactly happened to Cas. Justice hopes that, based on newly acquired information and additional research, it will be possible to clarify what may have caused his serious injury.


That additional investigation is ongoing, the police said in a message on Wednesday. Possible witnesses and people involved have now been spoken to. “Together with the new information, this should lead to a better timeline and reconstruction of what may have happened to Cas,” the police said. ‘We hope to be able to share more information from the investigation in the short term.’

Not fun

On RTV Drenthe, Cas’ mother said on July 21 this year that she spoke to him on the evening he returned from the party. He then said he “didn’t have a good time” at the party. Because it was dark, his mother did not see him. ‘He would explain it the next morning.

The next morning she called Cas, but he didn’t respond. She then found him in his room in a pool of blood. He had multiple injuries. His mother tried to wake him up. That didn’t work, and she couldn’t feel a heartbeat. Four weeks later his heart gave out. Cas had injuries on all sides of his face, a broken rib, broken knuckles and knees.

Camera images allegedly show Cas being chased on the property by a man, who in turn is stopped by a woman, who falls on her. The police previously had no more leads to continue the investigation.

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