Voters want the green, not the pain

Voters want the green, not the pain
Voters want the green, not the pain

The survey has an interesting message for politicians who are unsure whether they will give a boost to citizens or companies with fear of barriers. I&O asked about the solar panels and wind turbines that people see in their area. There is virtually no resistance to solar panels on roofs, 97 percent agree or have no opinion. But a large majority are also positive or undecided about the onshore wind turbines and the large solar parks in the landscape.

Quite striking. Few issues have divided local communities as much in recent years as windmills. Once they are in place, a majority of local residents will no longer have many problems with them. ‘Especially when local residents are also co-owners of the sustainable energy that is generated through cooperatives,’ says Vendrik. ‘And if everyone can benefit because part of the proceeds is invested in making the environment more sustainable.’

“We have seen this in the past with more polarizing topics,” says Peter Kanne of I&O. ‘Consider, for example, the increase in the state pension age. Initially there was great resistance to this. But every time we ask whether the state pension age should be reduced to 65, more people say ‘no’.”

For these types of decisions, voters really look to leaders they trust, Kanne knows. ‘I dare to tell you on a note that if someone from the middle, such as Pieter Omtzigt, stands for the further reduction of CO2emissions, support for difficult measures will also visibly increase.’

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