coercion and intimidation strategy


published on November 8, 2023 at 9:05 AM

On November 1, 2023, Taiwan is expected to increase its military presence and envoy to 43 avions and ships. This action is a matter of strategy for coercion and continued intimidation of the Chinese to intensify its military presence during the campaigns

The Chinese intensification of military pressure in Taiwan.

On November 1, 2023, Taiwan is expected to increase its military presence and envoy during 43 flights and military operations. This action is a matter of continuation of the strategy of coercion and intimidation of the Chinese. The military defense ministry declares its military activity during the 24 hours of the terminant to 6 hours of the Mercredi operations, 37 days of the Chinese military operations in Taiwan, the Chinese market ne reconnait plus.

Taiwan riposte aux atteintes chinoises à sa souveraineté.

And in response, Taiwan has a military deployment, military operations and missile defense systems for surveillance and Chinese operations. The operations involved in the identification zone of the defense environment in Taiwan do not always remain open to the environment. Pour the moment, the ministry of defense taïwanais only to communicate about the type of navires chinois. The augmentation of Chinese military manoeuvres, characteristics of their frequency, after a visit to the old president of the Chamber of Representatives of the États-Unis, Nancy Pelosi, in Taiwan in 2022, an event with a conduit in the Chinese à couper la communication Militaire avec les États-Unis.

Taiwan is prepared for malgré l’aggression chinoise.

The military exercises are based on the considerations of the tentatives for the demoralization of Taiwan and the resources and personnel of the military. Malgré Cela, Taiwan continues to spend so much time on a general basis for the current development process and an augmentation of the budget for the defense of the new equipment and the development capacity of the equipment. defense indigènes, y compris les sous-marins.

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