KTKH plays comedy “Foei, Minister!”

KTKH plays comedy “Foei, Minister!”
KTKH plays comedy “Foei, Minister!”

On Thursday 14, Friday 15 and Saturday 16 December 2023 each at 8 p.m the Royal Theater Company Knokke-Heist presents the dazzling comedy ‘Foei, minister!’ in the CC Scharpoord. by Ray Cooney, directed by Bruges native Jean-Paul Lantsoght.

Minister Staf De Buck wants to have an adventure with the opposition secretary, Vicky Thienpondt, at the Ter Brugghe hotel in Bruges, while he actually has to be present at the government conference in the Oud Sint-Jan in Bruges. But then they make a terrible discovery! Fortunately, Prudent, the minister’s private secretary, is able to unravel the plight. However, they completely turned the hotel upside down. The audience’s laughing muscles will definitely be put to the test!

Division of roles

  • Staff De Buck: Olivier Speybroeck
  • Prudent De Rop: Thomas Coolen
  • Vicky, secretary: Janice Gryson
  • Hotel manager: Vicky Stuer
  • Maid: Ann Emonts guest
  • Bobby: Brecht Merlevede
  • Corpse: Yaron De Wispelaere
  • Chambermaid: Diane Calleeuw
  • Claire: Ann Van Geeteruyen
  • Sabine: Christa Pintelon

Director Jean-Paul Lantsoght
Jean-Paul Lantsoght was bitten by the theater bug very early, at the age of 15, thanks to enthusiastic Dutch and French teachers. Acting and directing were taught at the University of Cambridge and TheatertenTog in Antwerp, where he was taught by renowned actors and directors. Jean-Paul has already directed for many companies, including Antwerp, Waardamme, Loppem, Dudzele, Bruges, Landegem, Sijsele, Varsenare and Knokke-Heist. He has won many prizes, including a European prize for his self-written play for youth ‘Fox Hunt’, performed at Feniks in Landegem, the Dutch Silver Medal for the direction of ‘Murder at Dunholm Castle’ with Werkgroep 66 from Bruges and the Culture Prize of the city ​​of Damme for the youth musical ‘Devil’s Paradise’ with the youth of Theater Rostune. He also wrote eight short plays, one of which is set in Knokke-Heist during the smuggling period.

The author Knight Ray Cooney
Raymond George Alfred Cooney (born 30 May 1932) is one of the most famous and widely performed British playwrights. He also turned out to be an actor himself for many years. His plays have been translated countless times and are still performed worldwide. His most famous piece is Run for your wife, which was released in Belgium and the Netherlands under various names, such as Goeie Buren, Kink In De Kabel and Taxi Taxi. This play was performed for nine years in a theater in London’s West End, the mecca of theater. Cooney started acting in 1946 and mainly appeared in comedic and hilarious plays. During this period he wrote his first plays such as One For The Pot (Dutch titles: Een Scheve Schaats and Wie van de drie). He also appeared to be involved in the script of the British horror comedy What a Carve Up! from 1961, with Sid James and Kenneth Connor in the main cast. Together with his son Michael, Cooney wrote the farce Tom, Dick and Harry (Dutch title: Tom, Dick en Harry) that the KTKH played a few years ago. In 1983, Cooney became artistic director of the Theater of Comedy Company he founded. This theater group produced more than 20 plays such as Pygmalion, Loot and Run For Your Wife. Cooney appeared in several films, including the film adaptation of his play Not Now, Darling (Dutch titles: Nee Schat, Nu Niet! and Everything off… except the light) from 1973. This play was a collaboration with another well-known author John Roy Chapman. In 1991 he premiered Out of order (Foei, minister! and also known as Motion of disorder) in the London West End with great success. In 2005, he was made a Knight of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elisabeth, as an absolute tribute to his contribution to the theater world.

Tickets can be obtained from members, via www.ktkh.be, 0495 36 66 10 (Dirk Timmerman, treasurer) or 0475691865 (Dominiek Segaert, press and communication) and at the Scharpoord Cultural Center.

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