Celebrities have an opinion about the Israel-Hamas war


More and more Dutch celebrities believe that they should have an opinion about the war between Israel and Hamas. Among them is socialite and TV personality Nicolette van Dam, who talks about ‘the children’ affected by the war. “Many people want to know this from me,” Van Dam said Media newspaper. Other celebrities such as socialite Monique Westenberg and media personality Natascha van Weezel also speak out about Israel and make their own plans.


Many well-known Dutch people are suddenly involved in the discussion about the war between Israel and Hamas. However, it is unknown why, he said Media newspaper. ‘Whether they have any knowledge of it at all is secondary, but they all come up with the most firm opinions: from Koen Kardashian to René van der Gijp’s wife. Vanity, say critics.

Broken heart

Among them is socialite Monique Westenberg, the girlfriend of André Hazes junior. She came under fire after she expressed her opinion about the war in Israel. That started three weeks ago, when she placed a broken heart for victims in Israel with the country’s flag. Westenberg was then, in his own words, called a ‘whore’ by ‘Palestinian people’. “I am not aware that this has also been happening in Palestine (for years). We hardly or never get to see this.”

Not fun anymore

Mediacourant: ‘Now Monique mainly posts Instagramstories that highlight the Palestinian side. Between all kinds of photos of her son’s cheerful donuts, we also see statements in which she speaks out against violence. ‘I THINK IT’S INSANE’, it says above one of the messages. There was another angry response from pro-Israel quarters. Westenberg no longer likes it. ‘Everything I post about the war I get DMs in which I don’t seem to be doing well in other people’s eyes and I know I’m not the only one!’ After a number of pricks, she decided ‘to have a children’s party now!’


Another celebrity who has spoken out about the war is Nicolette van Dam. The socialite and presenter recently started doing this. ‘Children without drinking water, children who have been kidnapped for a long time, children who are terrified every day and night from the explosions, plumes of smoke, or the air raid sirens that go off. Thousands of children who can no longer play without worries. Thousands of children who are no longer alive,” Van Dam writes on her Instagram account.


Horrible situation

The celebrity explains why she is speaking out about the war: ‘Many people ask me why I have not yet said anything about the horrible situation in Israel and Gaza. It’s because I can’t find the words to describe how sad I find it that thousands of children are victims of a conflict in which they play no role. Children can’t be children now’. This has to stop, says Van Dam, who says that ‘children should be able to be children’.


Mediacourant writes: ‘All those statements from celebrities feel somewhat perfunctory. In Nicolette’s other stories we see how she was very busy with a Halloween party at the same time. In recent weeks she has also mainly been celebrating; on holiday, with the family. And now, “by popular request”, her Gaza opinion follows.

Away from Weezel

From a survey by Media newspaper shows that 94 percent of readers do not find it interesting what Westenberg thinks about the war in Israel. The same survey shows that 95 percent think that all opinions of celebrities about the war between Israel and Hamas feel perfunctory. A well-known Dutch person has already drawn her conclusions: Natascha van Weezel left Facebook due to the high number of negative reactions to her media appearances and opinions about the war.

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