Dtv News – ‘Anyone who wants to qualify for new organs must also donate themselves’


Anyone who would like to be helped with a new organ would do well to donate themselves. This is what columnist Martijn Tonies says in the Dtv opinion program Stemmingmakerij. He also believes that we should be there for each other even after our death and wants to see more organ donors.

In Oss, approximately 35 percent of people over the age of 18 are registered as organ donors. On the other hand, 22,000 people indicate that they do not give permission for organ donation and the remaining group lets the decision depend on the surviving relatives.

Columnist Martijn Tonies registered as a donor shortly after his eighteenth birthday and has since worn a donor condicil in which his consent is recorded. “Under the motto: when I’m dead, my organs are of no use to me. In such a situation, every minute counts, so the sooner the doctors know, the better.”

‘Engage in conversation’

He is therefore bothered by the large group of Ossen residents who have not yet made a decision about their organ donation: “They would do well to discuss this with family, a general practitioner or a specialist. Otherwise, take a look at the website of the Dutch Transplant Foundation . Please register.”

Tonies makes an urgent appeal in his column: “We are there to help each other, this is possible even after our death. I hope there will be more organ donors.”

‘Doing the last favor’

Opinions are divided in the Osse center. Not everyone wants to register, but there are certainly also passers-by who have registered in the donor register. “It’s a beautiful thing, I think you can do a nice last service with it,” said a passer-by.


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