Transperson Xavi breaks down in tears in Four Hands on One Belly

Transperson Xavi breaks down in tears in Four Hands on One Belly
Transperson Xavi breaks down in tears in Four Hands on One Belly

Two years ago, Dyantha met pregnant Felicity. During this pregnancy, Xavi is confronted with his femininity. Afterwards it becomes clear why. “You came out of the closet,” Dyantha says during her visit to Xavi. “I just told my parents that I feel more like a boy. But actually they already knew. I’ve told them a few times before. (…) When I was about nine years old.”

Xavi’s mother explains why they did not go through with this transition sooner. “I then told her that she just had to be sure. Because you can make a lot of decisions when you are so young. You don’t want to do it for the same amount of money anyway. And then at a certain point she really started to think of herself as a girl. Then I thought: it won’t be too bad.” After the birth, Xavi’s mother notices that her child’s mental health is getting worse. “We noticed that she started to feel really bad about herself again and started dressing more and more like a boy.”

During the transition, Xavi’s relationship with Fabian, with whom he had his daughter, also failed. “The bond between us… we actually have virtually no contact. Only about Jadey. (…) She goes there once every two weeks.” Afterwards, Xavi also admits that it was difficult to be in a relationship with a man, as he has known for a while that he is attracted to women.

Although Xavi has always known he wanted to be a boy, he also wants to grow older. That is why he consciously chose this pregnancy. “Somehow I already knew that I wanted to follow this path. And I also wanted a child that was mine, so to speak.” That is why Xavi is grateful for the arrival of Jadey. However, he currently does not see his daughter that often, because she lives with Xavi’s mother. “I live with my two aunts.”

It is very difficult for him that he does not see his daughter that often. When Dyantha talks about this, Xavi breaks down in tears. “I don’t want to cry. (…) Oh, guys.” Yet he continues to look to the future with hope: “Better times are coming.”

Xavi’s transition is not yet complete. For example, he wants to undergo gender reassignment surgery and also wants to have his breasts removed.

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