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Our Man goes for healing hugs and ventures into quantum hypnosis: ‘After this session, everyone simply goes to their own home. Let all feelings cool down’

Our Man immerses himself in the world of alternative therapies and returns to the people with fresh chakras and a light jet lag from traveling to past lives. Between wisdom and madness, about chakras, time travel and healing cuddling.

Henri Rosenberg, from ‘Shalom everyone!’ back to Israel: ‘I feel more protected here in Israel than I would feel in Antwerp’

Barely four months ago, Professor said Henri Rosenberg – then featured weekly in ‘Shalom everyone!’, the Play4 series about the Jewish community in Antwerp – how he and his wife Anita were looking forward to their move to Israel. They now live there, and everything has changed. The October 7 massacre, carried out by Palestinian militants from Hamas, shattered the shaky peace. ‘A third world war cannot be ruled out.’

The 7 Deadly Sins of Robin Pront, director: ‘I have a distinct talent for addictions’

Robin Pront (37) is the Tom Cruise of Flanders. Just as His Nullity finally drove the Americans back into the velvet arms of Lady Cinema with ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, Pront resurrected the Flemish cinemas with the blockbuster ‘Zillion’. He is the director of ‘D’Ardennen’, the fiancée of Charlotte Timmers and a courageous, out and proud Antwerp supporter. Now he appears in ‘The smartest person in the world’. And in Humo, where he turns the camera inwards for once. The 7 Deadly Sins!

Robin ProntImage Johan Jacobs

Luca Brecel, world snooker champion: ‘My world title has not made me happier. I don’t even know where my trophy is’

“It shouldn’t be: other boys train seven hours a day and I don’t, but I do win.” The right choice and other secrets of world snooker champion Luca Brecel.

Filip Dewinter, Flemish Member of Parliament (Vlaams Belang): ‘The cordon sanitary will fall on the political corpse of Bart De Wever’

For Filip Dewinter Vlaams Belang always had to be more of a whipping party that hounded the others and kept strangers out with brooms and boxing gloves if necessary. His successor Tom Van Grieken prepares the party to co-govern in Flanders next year. Is Dewinter an obstacle for him? ‘If Bart De Wever doesn’t want to hear, he will have to feel.’

Dietary supplements dossier (final): ‘It makes no difference whether vitamins come from a tablet or from an orange’

Judging by what is shouting at us from the shelves at the pharmacist, drugstore, health food store or supermarket and – especially – how cheerfully and energetically the colleagues here dance in polonaise through the aisles, we Belgians take nutritional supplements as a matter of course. But what does science say about all those pills, powders, tablets and gummy bears packed with beneficial vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and chemical tongue twisters? How useful are nutritional supplements really?

Kobe and Stijn Ilsen, brothers: ‘The contrast is great: I make things that appear on TV, my brother searches for extraterrestrial life’

Between TV stars and comets, the theory of relativity of nerds and brothers Stijn and Kobe Ilsen: ‘I deal with the temporary, he with the existential.’

Kobe Ilsen & Stijn IlsenImage Diego Franssens

Lovers Noémie Wolfs and Simon Casier both release albums: ‘At the wedding you will wear what I say’

Noémie Wolfs (35) and Simon Casier (36), living together in Antwerp, have both made a new album. Hers, ‘Wild at Heart’, has just been released and, according to the bio, tells ‘the story of two lovers who cannot live with each other, but also cannot live without each other’. Which, if you ask us, isn’t a bit of a problem. But opposites attractand next summer the two will tie the knot.

Lien and Saskia from ‘Money Wanted’: ‘There is finally structure. Even my spice jars are all arranged now.”

They were looking for money, and with the help of Kristel and Kamal they also found it: that makes sense Lien (30) and Saskia (39) look noticeably happier today than in ‘Money Wanted’. During the recordings they were in dire straits. Saskia, a single mother of two teenage teenagers, discovered at the end of almost every month that she was broke again; Lien and her partner Heleen were draining their savings account, which was already not overly rich, to provide medical assistance for the twins, who were suffering from a long list of ailments Tristan and Darion (both 1) to be financed. ‘We had a drawer at home containing four thick stacks: all hospital invoices.’

Anne de Jong, wife of writer Kluun: ‘I have talked a lot with Ray about the sex scenes in his books. He was patient, he never said, ‘Don’t complain’

“The cheating and lying are the least fun things about Ray.” Psychologist Anne de Jong puts his finger on the wound. Cherchez La Femme, ma’am Raymond van de Klundert alias Kluun.

The Youth of Today: ‘Watching men on stage: I’m done with it’

Just before the pandemic Dirty Fur completely ready to fly in, he says – but then everything closed. And so it was that ‘Moderne Manners’, the album that De Jeugd van Today will present next week in De Roma, took five years to be released. Although that also has to do with the class of descendants that the Nederhoppers have now brought into the world. ”All fat people want to look like me’: my daughter thinks that’s the funniest thing she’s ever heard.’

The sons of circus artist Danny Ronaldo: ‘We are a little different: the girls also find that interesting’

For outsiders, the wonderful world of the circus appeals to the imagination, but the sons of circus director Danny Ronaldo have never known anything else: they grew up with the better arts and crafts and today, as the seventh generation, they are taking over the torch. With an immediate scoop: in the new performance ‘Da capo’ all children are in the arena together for the first time. ‘During stunts it sometimes crosses my mind: if something goes wrong, it will hurt.’

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