Woman suspected of ax murder in Elst comes up with a new story

Woman suspected of ax murder in Elst comes up with a new story
Woman suspected of ax murder in Elst comes up with a new story

ARNHEM – The 56-year-old woman from Elst who, according to the Public Prosecution Service (OM), murdered her husband with an ax, has changed part of her statement. This became apparent on Tuesday during a court hearing in Arnhem. The woman previously stated that she acted in self-defense, but she has now changed the exact place where this would have happened.

Her 57-year-old partner had initially been missing since September last year. After the police identified his wife as a suspect, his body was eventually found in the crawl space of their home in May this year. So the body lay there for months. The Public Prosecution Service believes that the woman deliberately killed her husband with an ax she had bought and hid the body.

The woman herself says she acted in self-defense after an attack in the hallway of their home. When traces of blood were also found in the bedroom, she said it had been from her husband’s previous nosebleed. Those stains were said to have been painted over before the incident. It later turned out that the paint had only been purchased after the disappearance. The woman now states that the incident took place in the bedroom and not in the hall.

Some forensic research may have to be done

Because the story has changed, the traces may have to be viewed in a different way, according to the Public Prosecution Service. Research must show whether the woman’s new story is consistent with found evidence.

Many interested parties were present at the brief court hearing on Tuesday. The 56-year-old woman was asked by the judges how she was doing? “Ups and downs,” she said. The next session is scheduled for January next year.

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