NS surprises with 2024 train ticket prices by compensating for inflation

NS surprises with 2024 train ticket prices by compensating for inflation
NS surprises with 2024 train ticket prices by compensating for inflation

A single journey from Rotterdam to Groningen by train costs 29.58 euros. A lot of money would be added to the price of train tickets next year. But that decision seems to be off the table. The catch? The international train is becoming more expensive.

Over the past year we have all had to deal with inflation. And that has had a harder impact on some than on others. To calculate how much you have lost, you can use the personal inflation calculator from Statistics Netherlands.

Price changes at the NS

Back to the train tickets. Because they would become considerably more expensive next year. With the emphasis on should. The House of Representatives has put a stop to that.

Good news for train passengers and the NS. Because instead of a price increase, the prices of train tickets in the Netherlands will remain the same in 2023. And last week there was talk of a price increase of 5.5 percent per train ticket for second class. First-class train tickets would even become 7.4 percent more expensive. The final rate increase of 8.67 percent is still on the agenda, but will in any case not be implemented until 2024.

Support from The Hague

This price increase will therefore not go ahead at the request of the House of Representatives, the NS reported today. The government has made 120 million euros available to keep the train affordable.

Price increase for public transport bicycles

However, not all NS services will retain the same price tag as this year. For example, the public transport bicycle is becoming more expensive. For example, such a rental bike currently costs 4.45 euros per day. In 2024, this will be increased to 4.55 euros per 24 hours.

International trains are becoming more expensive

And anyone who would like to choose a sustainable international travel option is also out of luck. The price increase will be implemented for international trains. These prices will be increased from January according to the planned rate increase of 7.85 percent.

Check here how much more expensive your life will become in 2024 due to the government plans.

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