The price of train tickets will also be frozen next year


After the bus ticket, it is clear that the train ticket will also remain the same in price next year. The House of Representatives has released 120 million euros to prevent a price increase.

The NS asked the House for support earlier this year. If this were not to happen, prices would have to be increased by 8.67 percent. NS board member Tjalling Smit is happy with the news from The Hague: “This is good news for our travelers at a time when many things are becoming more expensive. By keeping prices the same, the train remains relatively cheap and an attractive choice for travel.”

According to the NS, it is not yet clear whether the amount will also be made available after next year. If not, the carrier will be forced to implement the price increase in 2025 with the new inflation increase on top. Discussions are currently underway to find a structural solution.

There is less good news to report for users of international trains, because the 120 million is only intended to cover the price increase of domestic train tickets. International tickets will increase by 7.85 percent next year as planned.

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