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Harsh words for Verhaeghe and Mannaert


Things are not going well for Club Brugge. Last season three coaching changes and fourth place. Blauw-zwart is now seventh in the Pro League. Ronny Deila is the head of jut for many. However, is it the trainer(s)’s fault?

The most expensive player core. According to most analysts, also the best core. However, that surplus of quality does not come into its own on the turf.

“Look at men like Skov Olsen, they can play football so well, but they still have to show more when things get difficult in such a match. And I also have that feeling with Nusa: it seems as if they don’t care that much at that moment,” said Gert Verheyen at Extra Time.

“How many of those real over-my-dead types still have Club Brugge running around? Not much, huh. The profiles of your players are also very important.”

Leader figures

Too little footballing ability and speed at the back. Too little dueling power in midfield. Ronny Deila brought back Eder Balanta. “I had to laugh at that,” said Gert Verheyen. “They had written him off for a long time, but he has to become the savior of this Club again.”

According to Filip Joos, Casper Nielsen and Denis Odoi were also among the players who were written off. “There are simply too few leaders in that team,” Gert Verheyen noted.

Words that are less addressed to Ronny Deila. To the policymakers. The composition of the player core is being questioned out loud.

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