Dune murder in Egmond of Peter Langenberg: Public Prosecution Service demands 10 years in prison and TBS. ‘Intense violence’

Dune murder in Egmond of Peter Langenberg: Public Prosecution Service demands 10 years in prison and TBS. ‘Intense violence’
Dune murder in Egmond of Peter Langenberg: Public Prosecution Service demands 10 years in prison and TBS. ‘Intense violence’

According to the prosecutor, it has been established that the 31-year-old suspect killed 56-year-old Peter Langenberg from Alkmaar on Easter Sunday last year in the Egmond dunes.

She spoke of “excessive, violent and expressive violence,” which led to “a beloved life coming to a horrible end.”

Langenberg was found dead in the dunes near Egmond aan Zee on Sunday afternoon, April 17, 2022. He lay naked on his back, covered in blood and had serious facial injuries, including broken cheekbones and a shattered nasal bone.


There were also signs of strangulation. The autopsy showed that Langenberg’s face had been hit frequently and hard.

The trail soon led to S. He was arrested after his DNA was found on Langenberg’s body and his semen was found under a nail of the victim. According to the public prosecutor, the two had a sex appointment, which ended in “an explosion of violence.”

She saw strong parallels with two other cases from 2020 and 2022, for which S. will be tried on Tuesday. In both cases it concerns the abuse of homosexual men.

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S. admitted to hitting Langenberg, but denied the sexual contact in every way. According to him, he had sex with a girlfriend that day in the dunes and became angry because Langenberg came to lie with them and started taking pictures of the naked couple.

S. said that he had sex with a woman in the dunes on the morning in question and that Langenberg appeared on the scene at some point. He is said to have looked for a place not far from the naked couple and also undressed.


According to S., he approached the man when he got the idea that he was taking photos and videos of him and the woman.

“I wanted that phone, I thought it was going too far,” S. said on Tuesday. When he failed to catch him, he allegedly gave Langenberg two hard blows to the head. He then allegedly took his phone and property. He sent the woman away. He threw Langenberg’s phone – later found – into the sea. He took his backpack with him.

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The court questioned S. rigorously about the events. The woman he said he had an appointment with was never found. Nor have any traces of the messages he allegedly exchanged with her been found on his phone.

However, a report from Langenberg was found on a website for gay men that he would go into the dunes near Egmond that morning. “Let’s see if there is anything left to do,” he wrote there.

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It has been established that S. used at least one gay dating app. He refused to answer questions about his sexual orientation. “I consider that private.” But 1-on-1 contacts with men were found on his phone that appeared to be about sex. One of these contacts unknowingly took a photo of S. in a thong while making video calls.

The public prosecutor suggested that S. – who is also on trial for the assault of two gay men in 2020 and 2022 – did not have a sex date in the dunes with a girlfriend on the day in question, but with Langenberg.

“I don’t think the woman you are talking about exists at all. And your semen was under one of the victim’s nails.” Her sentence will follow in the afternoon.

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