Who is Britta van Egmond from Kopen or Slopen?

Who is Britta van Egmond from Kopen or Slopen?
Who is Britta van Egmond from Kopen or Slopen?

In Buy or Demolish – read our review here – we see hesitant families who have to make the choice between moving or renovating their current home. Real estate agent Alex van Keulen has three months to find a new home for the families, but if the decision is made to renovate, architect Britta van Egmond will be there. In the first episode she immediately got to work with her red spray can for the ‘sabotaging’ Mariska and her partner Joost, who chose to demolish their home. Britta is a fairly new face, even for the biggest fans of residential programs.

Luxury villas

Britta has an architectural company in Noordwijk together with her brother Diederik. A family business that her father once founded. On their Instagram channel you can mainly see their luxurious villas, but they also design hotels and normal homes. Britta was previously seen in the RTL 4 program The Perfect Renovation, but there she alternated with other architects. Now she is the permanent employee for designing dream homes Buy or Demolish.

John de Mol as customer

In her new TV job, Britta has to deal with ‘normal’ people, but with her architectural firm she works for the biggest names. She can count John de Mol among her customers. “For example, we did John de Mol’s house,” says Britta in an interview with Masters Expo. “A successful entrepreneur, but also a loving grandfather. He must be able to be both in his house. He must be able to receive both international business leaders and his grandchildren.”

Royal family

The same interview shows that Britta also had our own royals as customers. Of course, that must all remain a bit mysterious, but she has certainly done work for our royal family. “Then you have to think about what the monarchy will look like in fifteen years. We look for future-oriented solutions that will stand the test of time.” As a little girl, it was not yet obvious for the architect to follow in her father’s footsteps, but it was still a logical choice. “We literally grew up under the drawing board – we always cycled under it. We also went to receptions, for example when the first pile had been driven, and then we played in the construction site.”she told Quote.

Architecture for young women

She decided to study at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London and then took over the family business with her brother. “One day we fly to Milan in a private plane for a private client, the next day we deal with communal areas in a residential complex.” She now wants to tell young women that this high-quality profession as an architect is possible.

Buy or Demolish you can watch it every Monday evening at 8:30 PM on RTL 4.

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