Pidpa tap water in the top five of ‘The Product Made in Kempen’: “Pidpa tap water is Kempen Blue Gold”

Pidpa tap water in the top five of ‘The Product Made in Kempen’: “Pidpa tap water is Kempen Blue Gold”
Pidpa tap water in the top five of ‘The Product Made in Kempen’: “Pidpa tap water is Kempen Blue Gold”

Pidpa is a warm company with a big heart for its customers, partners and employees. With 766 employees, we produce more than 175 million liters of drinking water every day and deliver it to the homes of 1.3 million users. But Pidpa has now grown into more than a drinking water company. In addition, Pidpa ensures professional sewerage management in 46 municipalities, whereby the collection and transport of rainwater and wastewater is done as efficiently as possible. Pidpa is today a reliable water partner where customers can go for innovative and sustainable solutions to their water problems. In our educational center Hidrodoe we inform people about the importance and value of water and teach them to use it carefully. Today Pidpa is an integrated water company that contributes to the water of the future.

Pidpa’s tap water is Kempen Blue Gold that flows from the tap every day to 1,300,000 users, who use it for hygiene, to prepare food, to drink and of course as a raw material in many (industrial) applications.

Water, and more specifically pure water, is essential for people, animals and nature. Water plays a decisive role in the health and hygiene of young and old and is an indispensable raw material for industry. In 1913, Pidpa was baptized with the aim of providing the entire province of Antwerp with clean water. From this role, we have grown today to become the managers of the water cycle, where we are responsible for the water cycle from source to source.

We pump groundwater from the subsurface of the Kempen and purify it in 11 water production centers into pure and healthy tap water.

Why are you specifically putting this product in the spotlight?

In Flanders we take clean water from the tap for granted, but that is not the case. It requires a lot of craftsmanship, knowledge, experience and commitment to produce high-quality tap water in a sustainable way that comes from the deep groundwater layers of the Kempen. Pidpa is proud of this vital product for people, animals and nature.

Who are the main buyers of your product?

Drinking water is important for everyone, which is why we supply to various customer groups in the province of Antwerp, including: households, companies and industries, governments and public institutions and agriculture. The presence of pure water is the heart and engine of a healthy and strong society, today and tomorrow.

Why should readers vote for you?

Pidpa makes high-quality and tasteful tap water from groundwater from the Kempen in a sustainable way. It is an indispensable product for young and old, for society and for our planet. Pidpa tap water is a natural product, a regional product that we must all handle consciously, today and tomorrow.

Pidpa tap water deserves to be put in the spotlight as the Product of the Kempen. In this way, tap water, which receives little or no attention, gets its deserved place in our society.

You can cast your vote via this link. You can vote until November 15.

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