Indonesian sauces to undergo batch-by-batch inspections: Taiwan FDA

Indonesian sauces to undergo batch-by-batch inspections: Taiwan FDA
Indonesian sauces to undergo batch-by-batch inspections: Taiwan FDA

Taipei, Nov. 7 (CNA) All sauces imported from Indonesia will be subject to batch-by-batch inspections from Nov. 6, 2023, to May 5, 2024, Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said Tuesday.

The announcement came after six types of Indonesian sauces were among the latest list of products seized at Taiwan’s borders due to failing customs inspections, bringing the number of batches of Indonesian sauces intercepted between Jan. 1 and Oct. 28 this year to 22.

FDA Deputy Chief Lin Chin-fu (林金富) told reporters Tuesday that all six products contained excessive levels of sulfur dioxide, a bleaching agent, and that 3,419 kilograms of intercepted imports had been returned or destroyed.

In addition to batch-by-batch inspections, the FDA has asked Indonesian authorities for a written description of improvement measures before Nov. 27, Lin said.

A total of 24 types of products — including Dutch marigolds, edible lilies imported from Japan, as well as Chinese and Mexican chili powder — also failed custom inspections during the latest round of customs inspections and were returned or destroyed, the FDA said.

Two types of Chinese chili powder products were found to contain excessive levels of chlormequat chloride, a pesticide, and Sudan III, a dye that is not allowed in food products, respectively, according to the FDA.

Lin said that a total of 10 batches of Chinese chili powder had failed customs inspections between Jan. 1 and Oct. 28 this year, adding that the FDA had increased the frequency of random checks on all chili powders imported from China since May 22, and would continue doing so until Nov. 21.

He added that this was the first time this year chili powder imported from Mexico had failed customs inspections.

According to Lin, the five product types, which were imported by Chale Ltd and manufactured by Mission Laredo Partners, were all found with excessive levels of pesticides, including Chlorpyrifos and ethylene oxide.

Effective immediately, the FDA will increase the frequency of random inspections of imported chili powder manufactured by Mission Laredo Partners and products imported by Chale Ltd., Lin said.

(By Chen Chieh-ling and Bernadette Hsiao)


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