Train ticket and NS subscription prices will not increase in 2024


The prices of train tickets and NS season tickets will not increase next year. The railway company announced this on Tuesday.

It was previously known that the outgoing cabinet will allocate 420 million euros to prevent the price increase of public transport tickets. The House of Representatives had requested this. Of that amount, 120 million euros goes to the NS and 300 million euros to regional transport.

The amount that NS receives is incidental, but sufficient to postpone the proposed rate increase of 8.67 percent. “We are happy with this good news for our travelers at a time when many things are becoming more expensive,” said Tjalling Smit, responsible for train tickets and season tickets for the NS.

However, he repeats the concern that the rate increase will still have to be implemented at the end of next year, on top of the inflation for 2025. “Nobody wants that,” says Smit. “We are therefore in discussions with The Hague to prevent this and look for a structural solution.”

International train travel and the rental of a public transport bicycle are becoming more expensive

Traveling on the international trains of the NS and renting a public transport bicycle will become more expensive. The fares for international trains will be increased by 7.85 percent as of January 1. Renting an OV bicycle will cost 4.55 euros per 24 hours, instead of 4.45 euros: an increase of 2.2 percent.

Until recently, the NS was working on a so-called rate differentiation, whereby travelers during rush hour would have to pay more than people who travel at less busy times.

The company wanted to spread the crowds. But due to a lack of support, this rush hour charge has been scrapped, NS director Wouter Koolmees announced last week.

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