Tesla will build an electric car costing 25,000 euros…

Tesla will build an electric car costing 25,000 euros…
Tesla will build an electric car costing 25,000 euros…

A affordable electric car build: It’s every automaker’s dream, especially at a time when the auto industry is experiencing a major shift toward electric cars. It is a complex challenge but a necessary one, because price is currently the biggest stumbling block to this transition.

Car manufacturers are therefore working hard on an affordable electric car that is finally affordable for a large audience. So far is only Dacia succeeded in this with the jump, a remarkable model. This is now being answered by the new one Citroen ë-C3which will cost less than 25,000 euros.

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Tesla also wants to be popular

Today we find out that Tesla also plans to have one as soon as possible electric car to market at a price of 25,000 euros. The news, which was reported by the Reuters news agency, was passed on Elon Musk himself told during a visit to the new one Gigafactory in Grünheide, near Berlin (Germany).

The information was reported by one, according to Reuters source close to the file, but has not been officially confirmed by Tesla. However, we do know that the ambitions for the German factory are higher than now: the capacity of this production line should be completed within a few months double up to a million cars per year.

The challenge of cheaper production

It is not the first time that Tesla – and Elon Musk in particular – talks about the arrival of an electric car that costs 25,000 euros (or dollars). In 2018 Musk was already playing with the idea, but he didn’t see it taking shape for another three years. In 2022, the subject was raised again with the billionaire, but Musk indicated that he would not accept the necessary technologies for such a car – although it is not clear exactly which technologies he was talking about – and the project was put on hold.

However, some sources report that Tesla now has the technology to produce much cheaper cars. Thus it would be possible to cover almost the entire bottom in one piece to make. The technological breakthrough may be a fact and Tesla may now consider producing such a car, which seems necessary as the manufacturer twenty million cars by 2030 wants to sell. The price remains the breaking point. According to Jato Dynamics, the average price of an electric car in Europe in the first half of 2023 more than 65,000 euros, compared to 31,000 euros in China.

Elon Musk also announced that employees will have one by 2024 pay raise of 4 percent, while they will also receive a bonus of 1,500 euros in December to compensate for part of the inflation in 2023. This generosity from Tesla’s CEO may not encourage the factory’s workers to buy an electric Tesla, because according to studies, the gigafactory’s workers are getting so far Paid 20 percent less then provided for in the collective labor agreement…

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