LIVE. Bart Somers resigns as minister

LIVE. Bart Somers resigns as minister
LIVE. Bart Somers resigns as minister

Acting mayor of Mechelen, Alexander Vandersmissen, about Somers’ return: “Bart is Back!”

Acting mayor of Mechelen Alexander Vandersmissen welcomes Bart Somers again as mayor of the city a post on Instagram. There he also expresses his support for Somers during the upcoming election campaign.

“The word is out, Bart is Back! Together, shoulder to shoulder with an entire team and with Bart as mayor, we will continue to work hard in the council of aldermen next year. And in October ’24 we will go to the municipal elections as a team With a broad team of people from Mechelen and with Bart as party leader and candidate mayor. I will of course also serve as a candidate again, fully support the list and campaign hard to hopefully once again receive the mandate from the people of Mechelen as a team to move forward. to work on our great city,” he writes.

“Every now and then a situation presents itself and I tackled it with both hands four years ago. I am truly grateful and proud that over the past four years I have been able to serve as mayor during some of the greatest crises our country has ever known. has: Corona, Ukraine, the energy crisis… Also as chairman of our social housing company, I was able to serve those people of Mechelen who are often having the most difficult time for ten years. A politician cannot and should not wish for more: being able to make a difference for his city ​​and its residents, especially in the difficult moments. And I will continue to do so in the future, in whatever capacity or position.”

“With his experience, track record and merit for our city, it is only logical that Bart is still mayor in the hearts and minds of many Mechelen residents today. I therefore fully support Bart as party leader and candidate mayor in ‘ 24.”

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