Prizes and Dutch Championship for Rescue Brigade Weert


On Saturday, November 5, the swimmers of the Weert Rescue Brigade left early for Gouda for the Dutch Lifesaving Championship. During this competition, various individual events were practiced, including ring diving with and without fins, the rescue medley and the life saver.

The youngest three participants from Weert, in the age category of 7 and 8 years, performed excellently. All three girls stood on the podium repeatedly and returned home with silver and bronze medals.

The swimmers in the age group from 9 to 11 years also delivered an excellent performance. For some, this was even their first competition in this category. Competition was fierce for both the boys and girls, but all swimmers managed to break personal records. Well done!

In the age group of 12 to 14 years, three girls and two boys appeared at the start. The girls were a bit nervous, but swam excellently and achieved good times. It was particularly exciting for the boys. Both men finished in the top 10, with Martijn winning no fewer than four gold medals. In addition, he improved the Dutch record on three of the six events. Very well done!

It was a beautiful, pleasant and successful day. Everyone performed excellently. Now the swimmers are preparing for our own New Year’s Eve competition in December.

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