High label drives up the price of sustainable homes


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AMSTERDAM – Next year, home seekers will have to deal with new mortgage standards, which will allow Dutch people to borrow more for energy-efficient homes than for non-sustainable homes. That could increase the price difference between houses, experts think, according to De Telegraaf.

“The price difference between homes with a different label is already there, but it is only getting bigger,” says housing market expert Oscar Noorlag. This has to do with the maximum loan amounts in 2024. These will increase for people who take out a mortgage to purchase a home with energy label A or B. “In addition, many mortgage providers also offer an interest discount for such homes,” says Noorlag.

This discount comes from European regulations. Mortgage lenders also have to borrow money from larger lenders. They pay a certain interest on that borrowed money. If they can demonstrate that they are borrowing money to provide ‘sustainable’ mortgages, they will have to pay less interest. “They pass that advantage on to the consumer. They often pay one-tenth less interest on a mortgage for an energy-efficient home,” says Noorlag.

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