Devises: Fin de partie pour le dollar? – 06/11/2023

Devises: Fin de partie pour le dollar? – 06/11/2023
Devises: Fin de partie pour le dollar? – 06/11/2023

Fermez le ban. The ball of the bank centrals is the last to be achieved during the second half and the points are complied with. A rapid method of comprending the interpretation of the investors is the method used to determine the basis for the sound classification of “fast money”.

The Fed en a probablement terminé avec son cycle de resserrement monétaire. This is the main part of the commentaries that are important during the meeting of the governors. Mais reprenons dans l’ordre. And in the meantime, the BoJ is a new method of détricoté with the Yield Curve Control (contrôle de la courbe des efficiencies) avant son abandonment simply and simply by intervening in 2024. Les cambistes attendaient manifestement mieux puisqu’à l’issue de l’ Announcement, the registration fee is 15 years old and the euros will be available for purchase in 2022 at 151.95 euros in the United States.

Porte de saloon

Justement, attardons-nous un peu sur ce dernier. It is probable that the increase in the value of the dollar will disparate the catalyst. Pour reminder, the dollar index is still in an important zone of the resistance autour de 107.10/80 so that it is solidified for the moment in time. With 105.50/30 and 104.70 at the end of the choc, the structure graphique reste haussière. During this time, support is also provided: the complete structure of the pause as a complex structure during the course of January 2023 with a new dynamic approach and new direction. Pour mieux comprendre la structure en “porte de saloon”, je vous invite à vous référer à cet old article.

Source: Bloomberg

With a dollar in mind, the tectonique of the plaques evolves over time: the commodities are used for a rebond in the image of Australia and the move is carried out during 20 days and the 0.6420 authorizes a rebond in the direction des 0.6575. Gageons que la banque central australienne ne vienne pas gâcher la fête demain. The kiwi new country is ready for re-bonding after 0.5790 but the border is 0.6000 for a visitor who chose the additional serious of a simple reprise in a dynamic business. L’USDSEK bute sous les 11.18, Level à dépasser en vue d’une poursuite de la hausse sur 11.47. Le premier soutien se situe à 10.87.

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