Webzine founder promotes Taiwan to French-speaking readers

Webzine founder promotes Taiwan to French-speaking readers
Webzine founder promotes Taiwan to French-speaking readers

Paris, Nov. 6 (CNA) Luc Oreve, founder of the webzine Inside Taiwan, says he hopes to increase the readership of his platform so that more French-speaking readers can learn about the country he now calls home.

Founded in September 2022, the French language online magazine publishes articles about Taiwan, focusing on topics such as society, economy, history, food, and tourism.

“I believe the reason why many people fall in love with Taiwan is because of the people,” Oreve told CNA in a recent interview.

Taiwanese and French people share similar interests, for example, they both love to eat, discover new things, are passionate about their culture, and are proud of their country, he said.

Oreve said his first introduction to the country came in 2012 when he visited the country as a member of the non-profit Junior Chamber International, which held an annual seminar that year in Taipei.

Before his arrival, Oreve said he had tried to do some research but found that the vast majority of the information available online was either in English or Chinese.

Following that trip, he visited Taiwan numerous times, but still struggled to find useful information online in French.

According to Oreve, the Asian craze also tended to focus on Japan and South Korea, but he thought that Taiwan deserved the same hype.

“It was then that I decided to create an online magazine about Taiwan to provide French speakers with all of the information they need to explore the country, as well as deep dives into more specialized topics,” he said.

Inside Taiwan does not deal with current affairs, but instead focuses on in-depth reporting on issues like Taiwan-France exchanges, the founder said.

Oreve, who also works as a business consultant, said hundreds of online users browse Inside Taiwan every day, and that although the webzine is currently not making money, its “credibility and readership are growing.”

Having also resided in the United States, Germany, India, and several other countries, Oreve said he finally chose to settle down in Taiwan because he fell in love with a Taiwanese girl.

The other reason, he said, is that when he is in Taiwan, he feels like he is at home.

During the interview, the webzine founder said that Taiwan is unique because it is not recognized by most countries, which he described as “the biggest injustice in the world.”

“In my opinion, it is ridiculous that a country like Taiwan does not have a seat in the United Nations and cannot participate in the World Health Organization and UNESCO.

“This country, which ranks among the best in terms of numerous socio-economic indicators, is excluded,” he explained.

“Not only is it unfair, it is simply outrageous,” Oreve said, adding that he believes through efforts to promote its soft power, awareness of and interest in Taiwan will continue to grow, he said.

(By Tseng Ting-hsuan and Ko Lin)


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