Miljuschka Witzenhausen is completely done with dieting


Size zero

“For a long time I thought I would be happy if I was a size zero. But once I fit into the smallest sizes, it didn’t do anything for me. You let the scale rule your life, but for what purpose? I don’t think it’s worth it, because I just really love food. I like food more than being thin, haha,” she says in an interview with Beau Monde.

Now the presenter is comfortable in her own skin, but there was a period when she was only concerned with being thin. Kate Moss, the face of it at the time heroin chicera, was her great example. The British top model was skinny at the time, something that was a beauty ideal at the time.

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“Kate Moss was my ideal, I really liked how thin she was. I have never had an eating problem, but I was extremely disciplined. “I remember that I didn’t eat carbohydrates for two months for a fairly naked photo shoot because I wanted to lose a few kilos,” Witzenhausen looks back. “But when I saw the end result, I was shocked. I have a wide bone structure and a muscular body, so everything goes out of proportion as soon as I lose too much weight. You saw bones and ribs everywhere.”

Miljuschka Witzenhausen

After that, the presenter was completely done with dieting. “From that moment on, I forbade myself to be so hard on myself any longer. That involved trial and error, because I work in a world where a lot of emphasis is placed on your appearance.”

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