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Mon Nov 6, 4:09 pm

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On November 22 we can go to the polls again. The cabinet has fallen and the exodus is high. There is room for a new guard of politicians and they will introduce themselves on November 8 at 8 p.m. (entry 7:30 p.m.) during an election debate in Het Wapen van Voorschoten on Voorstraat. Who dares to debate with them?

Het Wapen and the Voorschotense Krant organize this debate with a subsidy from the Katapult Foundation. This Voorschoten foundation has been committed to financially supporting projects aimed at young people since 2009. The debate came about thanks to Katapult because it is not only about the politicians of the future but also about the young people of Voorschoten. The Youth Council conducted a poll among 120 young people. What do they want and how do they see their future? The results of this poll will be announced during the debate.

So, if you can vote but you have no idea which party, make sure you are there and get informed. Because voting is your right, use it!! This applies not only to the youth of Voorschoten but also to other age groups. Everyone is welcome. Registration is not necessary, but please come by bike or on foot because parking in Voorstraat is difficult.

Topics of the debate are housing (for young and old), climate, asylum crisis and social security. The evening will be led by journalist Lieuwe van Slooten.
We have invited six parties: VVD, CDA, D66, GroenLinks/PvdA, SP and BBB.

The participants are:

Rembrandt Rowaan is on the South Holland region list for GroenLinks-PvdA, in position #48. He is the leader of GroenLinks in the Leiden municipal council. His specialty is social policy. He worked for municipalities in the field of WMO, youth poverty policy and currently works at a social work company. As far as this 34-year-old Leiden resident is concerned, it is high time for a new economy that respects the upper limits of the planet, just like the social lower limits.

Petra van der Wereld is in position 45 on the BBB electoral list. Petra comes from Kaag en Braassem, where she started her political career at the local party. She was even a councilor for one term. This year she switched to BBB and is a faction representative at the Provincial Council of South Holland. Petra is also active in elderly care. ‘Change starts from within! Our democracy requires participation and that is what I decided to do.’


Debbie van Dijk is in position 17 on the SP candidate list. She is 25 years old, lives with her boyfriend in Zutphen, and grew up in Westland. She helped to set up the youth organization SP Jongeren and now works in The Hague as a faction employee. ‘We are a super-rich country, but the money is not distributed fairly.’


Berend Aptroot is number 58 on the VVD list. The 46-year-old lives in Zoetermeer. In addition to his work in construction, he is a municipal councilor in Zoetermeer. ‘Many matters are now too complex, making it no longer feasible for entrepreneurs, residents and the government itself. This can and should be easier.’


Dorien Blommers is number 23 on D66’s list. She was a policy officer, political secretary and political advisor in the House of Representatives and in recent years a political advisor to Sigrid Kaag. “Working on income security, fair distribution of care tasks and making the right financial considerations.”


Liesbeth van der Heide is in position 21 on the CDA list. She has a PhD in the field of terrorism and works at the Municipality of The Hague and Leiden University. She is a councilor in Leidschendam-Voorburg. Liesbeth is committed to family, youth and safety: ‘Growing up safely is the best basis for a strong society. It helps you make positive choices. That means working on safe neighborhoods, strong families and helping each other.’

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